Why deteriorating eyesight in old age?

One of the diseases with which the age-related vision loss — is age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Depending on the age, its frequency may vary (in age-related group of 52 to 64 years, it is 1.6%, from 65 to 74 years — 15%, from 75 to 84 years — 25% of those over 85 years old — 30%), but its current datarate in Russia is 15 cases per 1000 population.

How common is macular degeneration?

Anything in the world, according to the UN, there are between 25 and 30 million people with AMD. Life expectancy is gradually increasing, and it suggests that the number of people suffering from AMD, will also increase. According to some estimates, the total figure could rise by 3-4 times over the next 30-40 years. According to statistics, age-related macular degeneration is one of the main causes of vision loss in people over 50 years.

What are the causes of this disease, as it is diagnosed?

Despite numerous studies devoted to AMD, its causes remain unclear, it is clear only that leads to the development of malnutrition aggregate of many factors, the main one of which — the age. In addition to the natural aging process, contribute to the progression of AMD and other factors, such as hypertension, poor diet, being overweight or smoking.

Special attention is given sunlight, or rather the blue portion of the visible spectrum of sunlight, which in certain circumstances (for example, a reflection of his or snow surface), can contribute to the development of AMD.

As for the diagnosis, it is based primarily on the patient's complaint, the history and an investigation such as ophthalmoscopy.

The more dangerous WMD?

As a result of this disease retinal cells are destroyed, which leads to severe loss of vision. Despite the fact that the peripheral vision when the disease generally persists, the patient is suffering from age-related macular degeneration, it becomes difficult to distinguish between objects and people. In addition, often a gradual loss of vision due to AMD means for violation of human color perception and contrast, and in the worst case — a complete loss of central vision.

How can you cure age-related degeneration?

Despite the fact that dagnostirovat age-related macular degeneration may be in the early stages of the disease, much success in her treatment, modern medicine can not boast. In the early stages of the disease often uses a special laser treatment. Most doctors have resorted to a variety of medication which allows to slow down or even stop the progression of the disease. And experimental drugs can reverse the degeneration of pay.

Prevention of WMD

Prevention is better than cure — an expression of absolute true in the case of age-related degeneration. Most of the methods of prevention are well known medicine, these include:

  • avoiding harmful habits — according to numerous studies smoking and alcohol consumption to a large extent contribute to the development of AMD;
  • rational approach to physical activity — to drive by yourself with "seven pots" every day is not necessary, but if you keep yourself in shape, then your risk is reduced. Incidentally, the same applies to overweight, which is one of the risk factors for macular degeneration;
  • plays an important role and limitation of eye strain — a special mention, except for well-known TV and PC deserve sunglasses — wear sunglasses that filter the blue portion of the visible spectrum, reduces the risk of developing AMD;
  • significantly reduces the risk of proper nutrition — a balanced diet with the consumption of essential vitamins and minerals over a lifetime, along with other methods of prevention, almost certainly will prevent macular degeneration.

Currently, widespread biologically active food supplements, which, according to the manufacturer, contain all the necessary nutrients that help the body resist aging.

One of these supplements is BAD "Okuvayt lutein," which includes components designed to protect the eyes from the effects of the blue part of the visible spectrum. Existing components "Okuvayt lutein" — lutein and zeaxanthin, which the body can not synthesize their own. According to the developers of this addition, the tool protects the eyes like sun glasses.

Furthermore, in the "Okuvayt lutein" includes vitamins C, E and zinc, which are antioxidants and preventing so-called "oxidative stress" retinal cells — the primary mechanism of aging body tissues. This biologically active additive to food sold in different countries around the world for more than ten years.

Age-related changes of the retina — the process of inevitable, but we can slow the onset of such violations with a healthy lifestyle, proper dosing of visual load and dietary supplements.

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