Why do people start to abuse alcohol

Since ancient times, there is evidence of harmful effects of binge drinking alcoholic beverages. For example, there are references in the Bible about how "Noah drank wine and became drunk and lay uncovered in his tent" (Genesis 9.21). Aristotle believed that heavy drinking is a voluntary madness, as Plutarch said that no body can be so strong that the wine could not hurt him. Even the so-called folk art amassed a huge number of different sayings about the dangers of alcohol. Everyone knows that drinking vodka — to destroy themselves, and to drink yeah walk — good to be seen. Know, but the man — not being perfect, has the right to make a mistake. But why the creature who considers himself the smartest committing a myriad of discoveries, which has created countless masterpieces continued to stumble on the same obstacles in its path length of the century? This question is in the general consciousness recently moved into the category of eternity.

There are a number of specific reasons why people are increasingly resorting to alcohol abuse. Consider personal reasons, which depend largely on the circumstances, a person can modify or accept without taking alcohol, and global, which exist regardless of the particular individual.

1. Personal

In medicine, it is known that frequent and prolonged use specific chemical substances (drugs) leads to chronic disease called addiction. Alcohol — the most common drug which in addition to injury "gives" state of oblivion, euphoria. Often, in practice, people suffering from alcoholism, began to destroy his health, trying to drown out the emotional outbursts oblivion. Just a bad day — drinking, problems with authority — drunk, quarreled with his wife — again a glass. Gradually, life becomes impossible (in his mind) without drinking a glass. Man ceases to notice when a hand appears with a bottle of alcohol, but is going through, if it does not exist. Forgetting to mention the fact that alcohol was needed to dispel negative impressions, the patient creates a lot of problems to themselves and others, the problems are usually more serious original. Alcohol has very aptly — the human brain, clouding the mind, taking away control. It is therefore considered that the social drinker — this is an example of deviant forms of behavior, that is behavior deviating from accepted moral norms. However, do not always come to drink as a means of solving all problems.


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Sometimes happens series of happy events — good luck caught by the tail, the case is argued in his hands, life appears in all its beauty. Success comes to holidays, celebrations, booze. Successful moments pass, the habit remains. A bit of alcohol at lunch, in the evening with a friend for dinner. Alcohol-free life becomes drab, boring. There is not a feeling of celebration that warmed the body and soul delighted. Confusing joyful experience with alcohol intoxication, which had previously accompanied by some people in the future — alcoholics, they are wrong … and begin to celebrate the defeat.

Binge drinking with joy or sorrow does not exhaust all the options samoubivaniya ethanol. Some are found in alcohol use something bizarre, original, hip — usually this happens when the imitation of any friend having authority, or in the company, but to the contrary — not to stand out. So unbeknownst to patients is a loss of control, starts drinking more and more alcohol, diving to the bottom of the social. Also, some individuals are prone to psychopathy, and prone to alcoholism, using alcohol as a means to slow the intrinsic activity. Constantly nervous, hurrying, giperdinamichnye they find drunk means for braking the thoughts of all the perceived from the outside.

2. Global

Because in our country regulation of alcohol is poorly coordinated, covering the narrow spectra, acts and regulations, and prices alcohol low according to the average wage, each can easily fall into the trap of alcohol. As a consequence, due to the availability of alcohol in some places and times sales. At night, at almost any convenience store you can buy alcoholic drinks during the day as possible to make a purchase in a store or in a stall, literally, everywhere. Also, do not forget that the government is fighting, but finally won the illegal production and sale of alcohol beverages.

Promotion of alcohol in films stereotype that alcoholism — A national trait — these are the factors acting on the minds of many people. Alcohol advertising on television is limited, but at the expense of other media channels manages to be corrosive, annoying, omnipresent. The weak awareness of the limits of moderate and excessive alcohol consumption.

We hope that the above information will give a reason not to think twice about the dangers of alcohol, to take timely measures to stop the abuse. If you or your loved one was a prisoner of alcoholism will help clinic "Alkomed." Its main business is the treatment of alcoholism, and this company has been doing for over 16 years. Call 925-05-64 and we will help you!

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