Why do we prevent overweight

"Why should I lose weight?" — This is a strange question. To put on your favorite dress in the spring, go to the beach in a stunning swimsuit and generally being "on the fairest of them all." Simply put — meet modern standards of beauty. Few people think, why do you need to lose weight from a medical point of view. Help us to understand thisMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— Mariyat, tell the doctor — to lose weight is good for health?

Of course yes! This I will answer and as a woman and as a physician. It's not just an aesthetic component. Obesity is an illness — 60% of the adult population is obese Russia. And the disease is dangerous and multi-component. It is slowly but surely affects almost all body systems. So do not delay treatment.

— And what exactly is so dangerous excess weight?

Being overweight increases the risk of metabolic and cardiac activity, high blood pressure, the development of diseases of the urinary system, such as kidney stones. Obesity is the cause of many diseases, especially suffering leg joints which literally abraded under unbearable weight. Appears deformation, swelling and pain.

Obesity leads to injury in the intervertebral discs. Injured discs can pinch the spinal nerves — having extreme pain. Violation of the innervation of the internal organs leading to problems with defecation and urination.
In addition, obesity is accompanied by the production of female sex hormones — estrogen, increased background are equally harmful for both men and women. The men begin to grow breasts, deteriorating spermatogenesis and thus worsens potency. Excess estrogen in women makes it difficult to conceive, is the cause of breast fibroadenomas, uterine fibroids, etc.
Of obesity is also strongly affected the cardiovascular system of a person. Excess adipose tissue must be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. For this purpose, it creates additional kilometers blood vessels. It is proved that 10 pounds overweight leads to the formation of 15 km of new blood vessels. Additionally surpassing him by the blood, the heart wears out quickly and "tired" — developing coronary heart disease. Moreover, ischemic changes in the heart develop faster in men than in women.
Vessels with obesity lose their elasticity and also wear out quickly. There varicose veins and atherosclerosis. The deposition of cholesterol narrows the lumen of blood vessels, increased blood pressure and hypertension develops. In addition, fat may envelop the kidneys and the heart, worsening their work.
Proved a leading role in the occurrence of overweight type 2 diabetes, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis. In short, obesity, a greater or lesser extent, affects all organs and systems. In addition, overweight affects the emotional and mental state. Being overweight is a cause of dissatisfaction and their own appearance, as a result of a person begins to feel miserable, and therefore unhealthy.

— Can even two kilos so are able to influence the state of health?

Well, no, of course. There is a formula that is easy to calculate ideal weight. This figure is called the body mass index (BMI) — a number that indicates it's time to lose weight or not. Calculate BMI is simple — you need to share your own weight on their own growth, squared. That is: BMI = weight (kg) {height (m)}2

If the BMI is equal to the number of 18 to 25 weight control means. If more than 25 — recommended weight loss.

— That is, immediately go on a diet?

If the BMI is approaching 30, and the person begins to feel uncomfortable, it is best to consult a competent expert. After all, it is necessary to lose weight too wisely. It is much better for your health not to delay the normalization of weight. But most patients go to the doctor only when the start of serious heart problems, joints, blood vessels, hormones, blood sugar, etc.

— And how can you lose weight with health benefits?

If you are overweight more than 15 kg, then in any case should not resort to self-medication through exercise and express diet. First, exercise at such excess weight is strictly contraindicated due to the limit loads on the joints and the heart. Second, express diets provide only temporary results and are accompanied by a lot of stress on the body. Of self-harm may be even greater than that of obesity!

A dietician will prescribe a balanced diet best suits your individual needs. You will always be under the supervision of a physician and use techniques that normalize the function of internal organs, improving blood circulation and reducing metabolism and acid-base balance. One of the most effective methods to combat obesity is our author's method of Golden Needle ®. This technique allows to achieve good results in obesity and regain lost health.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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