Why quit drinking chronic alcoholics

What could be the motivation for a person to begin treatment? What methods can really help a person quit drinking?

Reasons for chronic alcoholics drink throwing

Alcoholism is a disease of the body mistakenly believe. In fact, the disease is more in-depth features, and the roots of addiction are not due to physical and psychological dependence, and social disorder in humans.

Conscious attitude to life and understanding of the causes of your depression, losses, disappointments and helped individuals to do away with the harmful addiction.

From a scientific point of view, a comprehensive treatment of alcoholism, which necessarily captures rehabilitation — the only effective method of healing. However, it is effective only if if the person really wants to heal.

At the stage when the dependent person wants to get rid of the addiction, he necessarily needs the help of professionals. But that does not mean that the course of action aimed at cure, be a magic pill addiction.

Narcologist — curator and satellite-dependent patient, he is in a position to provide effective and efficient methods for the treatment of alcoholism, but not to work for his ward.

So how do people suffering from alcoholism, lack of will power to get rid of their habit and stop drinking alcohol at all?

Why are people throwing drink forever?

Individuals completely do away with the dependence agreed on one opinion: alcoholism interfere with their exercise plans in life. Whatever methods used nor have recovered from alcoholism and free people those who quit drinking, sought to make their life colorful and meaningful. In essence, it is the desire along with the fear of losing what is often the only incentive to stop drinking for chronic alcoholics.

"The reason that I sank into himself, was the threat of family breakdown. I realized that I could lose everything in general, if you do not stop drinking, and at first I was only the fear. After a course of treatment for alcoholism at home I gradually began to return to normal life and was horrified to realize how many opportunities I missed. Actually, I started drinking too because my life seemed to me a joy and devoid of any meaning. " Anna, 33, Moscow.

Pills can not cure the soul, with the help of drugs can only suppress the craving for alcohol consumption, stimulate the body to the exclusion of alcohol, but the desire to drink can be removed only by means of rehabilitation programs offered by drug treatment clinic. Methods of treatment of alcoholism, based on hypnosis and suggestion in itself ineffective, especially if the relatives of a person with a belief and calls bowed to the need to think about the problem.

If the pressure is not aware of the circumstances of his desire to change the alcoholic and treatment will be, it will still be ripped off again and again, as a clear desire to stop drinking he will not. Only gradual improvement of their minds, changing attitudes to life can lead to a conscious change. Here, expert help is invaluable, but it is the only "but". Quick recovery from alcoholism does not happen. It's always a long multi-dimensional work.

"My life was a constant cycle of libations. When I realized that I'm stealing from yourself your own time, bringing its worthless old age, I see in the mirror of his decrepit and lose the beauty of the body, I was scared. I realized that I was ruining his life with his own hands. And where I come in the end? What's waiting for me then? Every year I have less time to live and have fun, even the simple things. I stopped understanding what I want to live and to live interesting, varied. While I was drinking and constantly hung over, I could not afford anything, even a normal diet because it hurt the liver. In addition to the pleasures of life as much alcohol as I foolishly wasting my time, my children grew up without my participation. I looked around, and I was scared how much I missed. " Anton, 42, Moscow.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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