Why the Supreme Court exonerated Larissa Heniyush


Larissa Heniyush. Snapshot Vyacheslav Batons

Applications for rehabilitation and Vania Larissa Heniyush wrote three times — in 1956, 1966 and 1968. And three times, received a disappointing response. The Soviet legal system as a blind fence kept regulations and codes, developed back in the days of Stalin. Let them "enemies of the people" and stop shooting, but they be available — just in case.

The question of the annulment of the Board on Criminal Supreme Court of the Byelorussian SSR from February 7, 1949 in respect of Larissa Heniyush raised repeatedly in independent Belarus. For example, in 1999, with the appropriate application to the Attorney General's Office appealed Belarusian Helsyntski committee.

A negative reply signed by the Deputy President of the Supreme Court The Republic of Belarus EM Carenko was allegedly released similar responses of Soviet times: "Resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Court Heniyush Larissa Antonovna deemed not to be … Her rehabilitation criminal case returned to storage in the KGB. "

In preparing for publication "knigazboravski" Larissa is Heniyush, I wrote a letter to the then Chairman of the KGB, Vladimir Matskevich — with a request to see the same thing. Like, when writing the preface faced with white spots in the biography of the poet — help. The response was predictable — head (not clear — what) LV Pimenov said that "to the issue of rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush KGB The Republic of Belarus is not able to allow you to familiarize yourself with its archival materials criminal case. "

During the time of the independence of Belarus appeals for rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush sent to the appropriate state agencies least pyatserachy — from community organizations and individuals. To no avail.

The fact of persistent nereabilitatsyi poet government lawyers in private conversations called irrelevance. Indeed, one has to look at articles 66 and 76 of the Criminal Code of the Byelorussian SSR sample in 1928 (!) On the basis of which condemned Heniyush to ensure that their case is heard today is not legal, but political.

Which was confirmed by the performance of Alexander Lukashenko Belarusian TV summer of 1999. The exact quote from the speech: "I figured out the hard fate of Larissa Geniush." Said — as linked. And this unit will not dare unleash neither the Attorney General nor the most supreme judge.

"Acute amounts pierced the neighborhood …"
Acute amounts pierced around.
Worse beast blind people.
Just to have unwavering will,
more powerful than the will of mockery.
NOT suitable, I pray today,
God's power in the breast of my marriage.
From my lips clamped pain
even the word does not weed.
Concern in my eyes see,
it seems to you that desperate.
I used to fight differently
now the same forces want to keep quiet.
Look: rise dirty waves
restless enemy lair.
More than once they were lost foam
at the mine, at the feet of prisoners.
Do not worry unequal fight,
that stand alone against the darkness,
I poison the soul watered —
I also know why I drink it.
I sterplyu, disasters do not squint
state, holding her head up …
Estonian gives me a cigarette.
"Thank you, my dear, I do not smoke."
Somewhere in the shadows of the trees shaggy,
where my not reach the nut vests,
there is an old favorite at home.
That would be there for a minute prysests!
And the soul, wounded by grief,
flying through the darkness and blue,
through other people's wild spaces
to see the land where my son goes.



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