Why the weight back?

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Lose weight, for that matter, and to quit smoking, quite easily. Many have done it more than once, and even achieved good results, but, unfortunately, they persisted for long. Sooner or later, the malicious pounds almost all come back.

Why can not I lose weight permanently? How to keep the new-found harmony? These and other questions are answeredMariyat Mukhina, physician acupuncturistDoctor of Medicine and author of over 40 scientific papers on the author's method of treatment of excess body weight.


— Mariyat, why it is impossible to lose weight permanently?

If we're not talking about the desire to throw off 3-4 pounds, but about the present obesity, we must understand that it is not about the aesthetic problem, but a serious illness. I would say more, obesity — a chronic relapsing disease. That's why over weight so difficult to fight.

— That is obesity — a lifelong diagnosis?

Yes. The disease can not be cured completely, but can be converted into long-term remission, which can be last for a lifetime. As in psoriasis: a well-selected treatment of human skin is completely cleared — there is only one duty plaque. When treating obesity can also achieve long-term stable remission. When properly selected treatment, adherence to proper diet and medical control those extra pounds will not come back.

— Your author's method of Golden Needle ® provides long-term remission of obesity?


— And there were times when people lose weight on your technique, and then pounds back?

This happens in a single case, when a person does not comply with the recommendations of our experts. Here, as with any other disease, if you neglect the prescribing physician, the treatment efficiency suffers. Imagine that a patient with hepatitis begins to overeat fat and alcohol abuse, there is even the most brilliant doctor and most advanced medicines will be powerless. Obesity is the same. Of reflex action Golden Needle ® (Http://www.origitea.ru/abouttechnology) — this is only part of the therapy. To achieve remission for life, the patient must strictly adhere to all the recommendations on diet, regimen, visit treatments. After all, the treatment of obesity is not just weight loss — is a global restructuring of all processes in the body. And if a prescription is not met, the consolidation of right mechanisms does not occur, and the lost weight may return.

I draw your attention: we were just talking about the reason for the return of weight in those who lost weight on our technique. If a person is engaged in self, you have even more options for relapse of obesity.

— I have a friend who is with height 175 cm weighs 70 pounds, but wants to lose weight and 60. What would you advise her?

Have your Obesity is not familiar, she normal weight and she wants to lose weight and lower limits of normal. This is undesirable and even dangerous.

In general, the weight — it's not a constant. It is necessary to distinguish between disease and normal weight fluctuations. For example, women 3-5 pounds can appear and disappear depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle. In addition, there are biological factors such as pregnancy and lactation, when weight gain is not only a right but also necessary. There are seasonal weight gain: evolution in the cold we stout, because the body needs more energy to maintain body temperature, and hot grow thin. This is typical for our climate.

— What are the reasons for returning kilograms in self weight loss?

The return loss — it is an indication that the process of reducing its organized properly. In this case, the "hungry" the fat cells start to absorb all that they give to recover faster and make stocks for the future.

Do not leave the organs, tissues and cells without food. This is a stress to the body. Once it ends, the body begins to compensate for the loss — comes breakdown. The weight comes back. And well, if it will not end bulimia, and overeating simple — compensatory behavioral response to stress.

— Is it at weight reduction under the supervision of a physician cells do not starve?

No. We do not put people on a rigid diet. Using unique acupuncture techniques we normalize his appetite and intensify combustion processes (catabolism) of lipids. Of course, the amount of energy supplied from food declines, but the cells are not starving, just no excess nutrients. Proper treatment of obesity — a process controlled and extended in time. In this case, the body does not feel the lack of glucose in the blood, which means that the brain does not generate impulses that activate the appetite center. A person does not feel hunger, to be cured at will, therefore, no stress. And there is no stress — no breakdowns.

— Some to lose weight, drink pills to reduce appetite …

Appointing himself pills that block the appetite, you have to be prepared for the fact that after their admission comes withdrawal. Withdrawal is for most drugs that act on the central nervous system. Under the influence of the drug the person loses appetite, lose weight, then stop taking the drug — and the appetite returns. Sometimes it is even more than it was originally. And the man once again gaining weight.

For some reason, many people believe that "once all my life I eat, I know all about the food, and I know how to lose weight." In fact, it is not. Pursuing self-obesity pill prescribing himself and express diet, we break the balance of the body. This weight loss — weight loss is a symptom rather than addressing the causes of obesity and, hence, the disease can come back at any time.

If self-medication should not be surprised that the weight comes back. Rather, we should be surprised that the weight is not coming back!

Mariyat, can you give some advice to those who have already dropped the extra pounds, but is afraid that they will return?

If you have not done this before, do now — go on a proper diet and start to live a healthy lifestyle. At least twice a year visit a therapist to control body weight, body composition measurements, namely, the number of pure body fat and muscle. For people with a diagnosis of "obesity", such monitoring is required.

The problem of excess weight — a serious problem, and if you want to solve it once and for all, to a professional. I recommend using the technique for the treatment of obesity Golden Needle ®. This is the most effective and physiological of currently existing non-surgical methods of combating obesity.

— At the beginning of this article, we compared the fight against excess weight and quitting smoking. You help people with obesity, and who will help to smokers?

We also help smokers. Not so long ago, we developed a method of reflexology to help get rid of tobacco dependence — "Anti-tobacco ".  

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