Why treat your teeth so expensive?

Martiros Sargsyan

The more "expensive" dentistry is different from the "cheap"? Is it possible to save on dental services and is it worth? What are the components included in the cost of dental treatment? These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey created a network of dental clinics, "Dr. Martin," Honored Worker of Health in Moscow, PhD Martiros Sargsyan.


The imposition of unnecessary services — this is a common problem in dentistry? In a Moscow clinic, I was advised to put the seal on almost a dozen teeth. Did not object, but also the time to do it right was not. Then, as it happens, turned in another clinic. And there — lo and behold — the number of teeth of patients decreased significantly. And who now believe?

Dear Basil, in theory, the number of decayed teeth should be the same in all clinics — there are objective methods. However, in practice, of course, there is a problem. Here, in my opinion, every physician should be aware of the fact that he is primarily a doctor, and then a businessman. We sometimes provide people with acute pain free dental care — people always remember the good. After a while, they come back and bring their friends and relatives — the best advertising — a good reputation. My advice — choose a doctor for advice.


In fact, the experience of personal contact with friends dentists, we know that the cost of materials — it is only a fraction of the cost of treatment. The question arises, why the cost of the doctor's work is so large (relative to the price of materials)?

The cost of treatment consists not only of the cost of materials. Dental equipment costs a lot of money — for example, a good chair in which you sit is at the level of the car — 15-25 thousand euros. Do not forget about the very strict requirements for the premises, which are located in the dental clinic at the finish and the squares — to complete the work of three surgeries to about 100 square meters. m. Another item of expenditure is salaries of doctors, nurses and administrators. We must also bear in mind that doctors are constantly improving their skills, pay tuition. Course Fee-known Western dentists in the tens of thousands euros.


How do you feel about "dental tourism" — visits not only abroad but also in the neighboring regions of Moscow, where the quality of routine dental care is not lower, and prices are much lower?

Time — money. It should be well calculated. For one you are likely to treat a large number of high quality teeth can not. Need to travel a few times. Another point — the appearance of any minor problems and inconveniences after the end of treatment, the implementation of the guarantee. The quality issue is also not without significance.


And why do we, the patients need to understand that we can offer the dentist?

After all, the surgeon does not ask the patient exactly how access appendix removed. There are more or less reasonable from a clinical point of view, the options must be a way to choose the best of them?

Do not shift the dentist thus responsible for an incompetent patient? To then say "Well you have chosen such a seal, so she fell out …"

Anton, the physician should discuss with the patient treatment plan that it offers. Start treatment only after obtaining written consent and sign the contract for the provision of paid medical services. This is due to the Russian law and medical ethics. But to shift their professional failures on the patient, in my view, unacceptable.


Tell me, is there a dental their stars. Such as the Boqueria in cardiology, Korczak — in plastic, Fedorov in ophthalmology. It was very interesting to learn about these professionals. And if so, where they work in Russia?

At present, our country has a large number of highly qualified dentists. Taking part in various conferences held in Russia and abroad, I see that the level of Russian dentistry and its standing in the world is very high. Personally, I have twenty years of working with such a "star." Mikhail Lomakin — Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences — one of the best, in my opinion, Implantology in Russia. Working with him is easy and pleasant. There is no such a problem that he could not cope.


Have you treat senior patients? And anyway, I had noticed that the attitude of the patient is directly related to the amount of money he leaves office. What do you think about this?

Yes, certainly had, but for reasons of ethics we are the names of their patients do not publish and do not use in advertising.

When I was in Irkutsk State Medical Institute at стоматологическомфакультете, my teachers said that the first medicine, the work of his hands, and the money will come by themselves.

In my clinics to all patients equally respectful attitude. We accept patients and insurance companies, who pay for the insurance of 6,000 rubles a year, and people willing to pay for his treatment of hundreds of thousands. Take their same doctors on the same equipment using the latest materials and technology. But of course, the people who get complicated dental treatment on a large scale, require greater attention.


I bezadrenalinovy novocaine anaesthetises very bad. Is it possible in your network of clinics to test for anesthetics in order to identify a possible intolerance and selection of the most appropriate?


Welcome Martiros. I want to know what kind of anesthesia you are using in their clinics for pregnant patients.

We do not use anesthetic procaine, using modern anesthetics containing epinephrine and without. The tolerability of drugs can be tested in specialized laboratories located in MSMSU.

Michel, in the first trimester of pregnancy it is better not to use anesthetics adrenaline, because is laying and development of organs and body systems. We have an anesthetic that can be administered during pregnancy, such as "Ultrakain."


A couple of years ago, read about growing teeth from stem cells (that have been written about Britain). What is now the case at the front cell technology? Are there any prospects of this trend in terms of commercial clinics and ordinary mortals customers?

Work in this direction are. But expect quick results difficult.


Is it safe to treat teeth under general anesthesia? Pros? Cons? Pitfalls?

In my view, the use of anesthesia is only necessary for people with complex mental states and children for medical reasons. In all other cases, it is not desirable — within a limited time receive hard to provide quality services.


Should alert the lowest advertised price of services in some of the capital's hospitals? Does not affect whether it is the poor quality of materials?

To determine the actual cost of the services you need to ask for a cost estimate for the entire amount of dental care and to consult at some other clinic — I think you'll be surprised with the result.


Is there a limit to the implant by age? There are statistics "rooting" them according to age?

Restrictions on the installation of implants by age does not exist — we were both 20-year and 80 — year-old patient. The result is always good.


Are there any new developments in the field of dentistry for young children?

Vestibular plate to eliminate bad habits in children, silicone tray, simulators and trainers for muscle and teeth alignment. New methods of diagnosis in orthodontics: 3D-modeling, forecasting the results of treatment with the help of a computer.


Tell us about the news in the field of implantology. Now that's new in the market there?

The principal novelty is, in my opinion, is a computer simulation of implantation on the basis of imaging. Our general partner is the company «Nobel Biocare», which offers a system NobelGuide, allowing to conduct 3D planning of operations. In addition, they also supply us and the full range of their products for implantation and prosthetics. Very interesting system NobelProcera, allowing to obtain individual products in the factory and to achieve amazing results in the aesthetics and quality.

Imagine the technology in our laboratory model of wax future construction, it is scanned to give a 3D model and sent over the Internet to the factory in Sweden, where, on an automatic robotic lines get the finished product and express-mailed us in Russia.


Hello At what age can cover the teeth of calcium and fluorine?

Hello, Natalia. As a precaution, with 6-7 years in the permanent teeth, and as a treatment for superficial caries in three years.


At what age is it possible to install a bracket? What are the limits on how to install and use?


Is it worth the eve of the 40th anniversary of aligned teeth or train leave?

The optimum time orthodontic treatment from 12-13 years in the permanent dentition formed, but in some cases, 9-12 years — segmental treatment

Orthodontic treatment is considered individually in each case. The main contraindications are serious somatic genetic diseases, neuropsychiatric problems. Relative contraindications: problems with the enamel of the teeth, poor oral hygiene.

Age restrictions for orthodontic treatment available. It all depends on the purpose of carrying out this treatment. Adult patients are treated with the purpose of improving the aesthetics of the teeth, and as a stage to prepare for prosthetics and for the elimination of functional disorders. For adult patients particularly suited invisible braces — lingual technique.


And how do you feel about dental jewelry (Skies)? Whether it is harmful to the enamel of the teeth?

Positively. Jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials. Before installing the enamel is being strengthened by deep fluoridation. These ornaments — perfect reason to smile!


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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