Will the European Union for an alliance with Russia against Lukashenko?

Will the Union for an alliance with Russia against Lukashenko? Is there a possibility of a new rapprochement between Minsk and Brussels? What will be the fate of the EU sanctions?

On these topics in the "Prague accent" reason political scientist Sergei Bogdan, Expert Center for International Relations in Warsaw Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky and the head of the Russia and CIS German Council on Foreign Policy Alexander Rahr.

Listening transfer to Sunday, August 22, and after 18 hours

We offer you the fragments of transmission:

Bogdan: In the West, established consensus — until Lukashenko will not change, this is an acceptable temporary alternative. The product of this — the fact that Alexander Milinkevich, is not likely to act in this election, because money for his campaign in the West, he has not found … Lukashenko really flexible to complete opportunism … At the core of the stability of the Lukashenko regime is such a factor as the balance between the East and the West … For many in Europe, Belarus — is torn off part of Russia

Boroditš-Smolinsky: The European Union does not have mechanisms to accelerate or stop the changes. EU got experience during the "orange revolution" in Ukraine, which showed that we can Compromised in rapid change, but if the company is not responsible politicians, the results of these changes would not survive … The EU knows that Alexander Milinkevich and the other candidates do not have a lot of support from the community. Also knows that the rating falls and Alexander Lukashenko. But also know that there is no alternative.

Rahr: The European Union in this situation can only wait to see how the situation will develop between Minsk and Moscow in the future …. The European Union will examine, analyze the conflict between Minsk and Moscow, but to deepen it, intermeddle in it will not be … There will be no secret agreement with Moscow on Belarus, as well as with Belarus vs. Russia

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