Without us, they find the Ark




Correspondent "KP" Andrei Pavlov starts to Mount Ararat in a group of searchers

Victor Balabas


In search of the legendary biblical vessel will leave the expedition of 20 people. Will lead them Orientalist Andrei Polyakov. The motto of the expedition: "Without us, the ark would be found. The clue is in our hands. "

The enthusiasm of Russian researchers is based on the fact that they claim to know where to go. And, they say, in fact, the ark is just in the wrong place, at which point shots from the American spy satellite (see "KP" on April 28, 2004, "The Americans have found Noah's Ark"), that is not up to par about 4700 meters and not at the top of Mount Ararat, and below, some 30 kilometers away.

— Even the Bible says that the ship is stuck to the mountains of Ararat, and not to the mountain itself, — says Andrey Polyakov.

Meanwhile, at the Ararat — almost to the top — and the Americans are going, insisting that their only true coordinates. Who is the first to succeed, and will manifest world wonder? Or ark will remain a legend?

It is possible, however, that both groups of luck. And they will find on the ark. After photos of some mysterious remains, made by Americans from space, not the only ones. At the time, Ararat was removed and the Turks — the plane in 60 years. And also allegedly saw the skeleton of what appeared to be a large ship and just about 30 kilometers from the top of the mountain at a height of about 2 thousand meters. And one of the hypotheses were two of the ark. In the sense that in the old days Noah had come with someone else. Maybe the neighbors. Noah landed on the mountains of Ararat earlier and above, the neighbors — and later below when the water has subsided a bit. Hence the different places of "piers" and different in shape wrecks. On U.S. images ark similar to an elongated rectangular barge, its proportions are closer to the Bible, and the ark of the Turkish smaller and with smooth contours.

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