Writer's Diary: I love Belarus

I love, you love, we love. All zatsalavanaya, our love in clover. The country is a dream, a utopia?! No, in our case, the stepmother of us do step-children. Some people love so much, not vymknutstsa her from the clutches of iron, poor guy. And we love plyatanichna, modestly, in silence, in the distance. We — the extras. We are not allowed to Khoroshun, we can only see on TV, dance with her will not give …
We can not even gloat as infringing on someone else's property is considered. So sit tight and see yashchyk, he would tell you himself — what is it we have blue-eyed. But I have lately more and more thought — if the lens is not it? Nachepyats for the paparazzi, and then derive. More short-sighted of the country it is difficult to imagine. These eyes we see the real thing, perhaps, pale, confused.


Love is different: a sincere, devoted, fanatical, love can be ostentatious, sometimes selfish, by calculation, as marriage. If you scream, show off at every turn billboards "I love Belarus!", I want to shout — "do not believe it!"
Someone loves her as his own personal garden, its own six acres. And who wants to disrupt the apple as well, not just licking their lips in order shotgun with salt. At best, the spanking.
Thus, the first day of the magicians are not married, blue-eyed tamed: it is in their hands is a caged bird that sings on the team, and only covered with a handkerchief — a parrot sapiens with two phrases — "payday lend!" And "give me some money!" worked out of them where a mean squeeze a tear, and if only the nose pashmorgats enough.
It is for them and the chicken that lays the golden eggs, and the apple tree with fruits of paradise, and a cash cow. Enough to cover the rent-a scarf. And for us it's just a pain and shame nyamots, and the meaning of existence as well, though it may sound literary.
Sellers of our air, magicians with the experience already with two-handed saw on stage now raskavalim blue-eyed! The audience in horror! Yes, that is, it is sawn on their part, suspended in the air. And quickly with the cylinder tilted in rows: please fork out for focus, for his dexterity of our hands!
She and her unceremoniously: the ears may pull out of the cylinder, and may indicate the stage like a dog slavetnaga royal luminaries of science, that the wound in his side was very hard … And sometimes I think it is for them — wild boar, about sharing that love to tell our writers. Something is lost, give a boar, we will thank you sausage, Sulky!

Hymns are different

The girl tried our sincere: I love Belarus! Anthem of Belarus? Smash hit with repetition nazallivym faster. Our girl — hostage situation. How can Belarus love this! Kanveernyya courts andropavskiya check zastrashanne Belarusians who still fear not like animals! A hymn sing a Belarus offered throughout Europe, as the winning song is European, as you know. In short, a disproportionate time and in the right place sounded.
We've been through, "Chirac's native country in May … where people breathe so freely," "Be healthy, live well!" — Famous hits of 1937 … Europe wants to sigh over Belarus, it is in power, she was tired. So blame that we to them with a beautiful hymn, and they come to us from goat allegedly cape — just not serious. No matter how much scream "goats", No more money. Belarus today as a stone in the kidney of Europe, the abscess on the body. After all, she said, Europe is generally pryzvychaenaya monitor their health.
Perhaps you need to pray, and not — "I love Belarus!" I remember serbka Maria Serifovic with "Prayer" is a beautiful song, performed strongly. She won the "Eurovision Song Contest" in 2007. In that year, I was in a seaside town on the Adriatic. Belgrade came Sherifovich. Concert at the restaurant without a roof with pool in the middle. What didaxis! Who did not hit, climbing the fence, trying to at least one eye to see through the holes, slots, as it sings. The police did not touch anyone, and the police could not be seen, to be honest.
So, Slobodan Serbiya forgotten, the Serbian prayer received applause. After an emotional background much, everybody understands that. Although, of course, the soul wants to just won best song. Sometimes the same: "The Prayer" was really good. All from the former Yugoslavia often hear great songs, Slavic. In This year, Dino Merlin I was very pleased. Beautiful and scenic song was, in a word, too, and show it that weighs in at such competitions. He, Merlin, is very popular in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, I have the disks, especially love listening to live recordings, as he sincerely sing along. But Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which he acted, certainly does not attract the attention of Europeans today, forgot about it, she goats nobody name-calling …

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