You want me to kill the neighbors?


Until the 26th of August in the Minsk region police carries out a campaign, "Save the family!." When you heard, saw something that contradicts your idea of a "pigeon's happiness", you can call around the clock room and talk about it to the competent people.

It is difficult to assess the effectiveness of such measures in the absence of a stable interaction strategiesrelations the police and the family, the police and citizens, society. Especially when you consider that it is the society of the least trusted by the police of all law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, because most often it is facing.

Although police chiefs urged to demonstrate civic sensibility, not to be indifferent to the neighbor's misfortunes and otherwise demonstrate their combat readiness, the meaning of shares actually might be to try to restore the confidence of citizens in the militia itself.

However, for some reason it seems that the police have other plans. In a country where, historically, that danasitselstva, and an anonymous author, there is almost a legitimate social tool that defines the relationship as between citizens and government and between citizens themselves, there is a very high risk that this kind of event people will either sabotage or use to consult with someone.

Everyone knows that a "cold hand," the police can not enter, nor the victim, no witnesses, no criminal, as it is equally punitive to all.'s No surprise that the woman who was hit by a drunken husband vusmert, will protect it from the parish the police, because he knows that he can return BOB simply devoid of shape. people over the years will silently watch the next affects children of alcoholics, not because they all the same, but because they are not sure that the orphanage will be for them the lesser evil.

Kill the neighbors — they prevent them from sleeping!

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