Young Belarus activist warned that the fire could

17-year-old Roman Bobrov said that the director of the Vitebsk enterprise "Taymkaler" challenged him to a private conversation and began to blame for opposition activity.

According to Roman Bobrov director Sergey Shcherbakov said that he was from somewhere called and told about the involvement of young workers in the founding congress of the movement "Young Belarus" July 10, 2010. The head said he did not want problems and to cut a guy with a job.

Novel Beavers went to private enterprise "Tamkaler" towards the regional center of employment. The guy runs a carpenter, and the founding congress went on holiday. Learn about the director could after, as the August 10 meeting of the documents, where including there is a signature Roman Bobrova as one of the founders, have been submitted for registration to the Ministry of Justice.


Young Belarus

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