Zemeletryaseniya expect New York, Moscow and Rome (updated)

Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 occurred in the center of the north-west of Richmond, Virginia. It captures much of Washington, DC, and was felt even far from the epicenter — in the north in the state of Rhode Island and New York, the site of "Newspaper Week."
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.7 miles deep. Attempts have been felt in the White House and on the East Coast, and as far south as Chapel Hill, and in the Pentagon, the White House and the Capitol. All the people in these areas have been evacuated. By the way, they help the earthquake cats — which are known to chuvsvuyu approaching dangers and behave strangely. The Pentagon was later deemed safe.

In addition, administration of JFK Airport (New York) and Newark (New Jersey) in the eastern United States evacuated from tower controllers. Tower and runways will be inspected before will resume flights. The administration expects recovery of air traffic "in the coming hours."

The scientists claim that the Earth is now at the peak of seismic activity. On the day the world is up to 5 small earthquakes. The peak of the activity will be in late 2012.

However, in one scientists quiet. Such periodic phenomenon of "chain" earthquake characteristic of Earth, which generally develops in cycles, and seismicity is not an exception, it is also moving to the cyclic law. Even in the 150 years of seismology were intense periods of enhanced seismic processes and quieter periods.

Strong earthquake forecast in Moscow

According to seismologists, Moscow, period of seismic activity in the world, which began in the 70-90's, will soon be over, but finally "tryahanut" can and Moscow. According to their own projections and in the metropolitan area are more likely to soon be expected earthquake, similar to that seen in 1977, reported by the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth Yevgeny Rogozhin. Then it was about 4-4.5 points and prishloi from the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, more exactly.

Recall that just last week in the region were recorded aftershocks up to 6 points.

Moscow expects the strongest earthquake in history: scientists project seismologists in the near future in the metropolitan area will most powerful ever earthquake — earthquakes can reach magnitude 5 on the Richter scale (in practice, both in Spain!).

Moscow — not highly earthquake-resistant. In comparison with 1977 year razursheny can be much more. Because Since 2000, the capital has added more than one thousand "skyscrapers" — high-rise buildings are not designed for the mobility of the soil.

Recall also thatrecent earthquake measuring 5.3 points occurred near the Spanish city of Lorcaand led to the deaths of at least 10 people. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake was located at a depth of 1 km. The earthquake with a local church bell fell a huge bell, then she collapsed and the bell tower. Many old buildings in Lorca were also destroyed. Two hours before another push was recorded magnitude of 4.4, and many old buildings in Lorca two such tests did not survive.

Recall that seismologists have predicted the devastating earthquake there. So amateur seismologist Raffaele Bendandi predicted a major earthquake, which can erase Rome from the Earth. The forecast was for more than 30 years ago to the date — May 11, 2011. Many people listen to the predictions of Italy late Bendandi, as he achieved a number of successes in their work. For example, he accurately predicted many natural disasters, including the earthquake in Friuli-Venezia Giulia in 1976.

What effect will the seismic activity on the planet?

Some amateur geologists believe that the increased seismic activity may be a harbinger of change in the Earth's poles. Since the last time the people of different parts of the Earth trembled, hearing a strange and scary noise. He walks as if from the depths of the planet itself. Somewhere it is like a creaking metal plates around the roar of a jet engine, and somewhere — at the sound of a freight train. According to one theory, the growing buzz in the world can be an indirect sign of the imminent change of the magnetic poles. But how real it may be, this theory — scientists do not apply.

Fedor Lober

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