03.08.12.V Kazakhstan massively killed livestock. Video


03.08.12.V Akmola region massively killed livestock. And the cause of mortality for the third month can not precisely determine neither the villagers nor specialists.

True, local vets said the sheep allergic to some common plants, and was advised to change the pasture where the animals graze. But farmers say crops nothing to do with. After all fields sown long ago, and the cattle began to die just now.

The villagers Zarechnoye Akmola region at a loss: almost every day, for unknown reasons, they killed a sheep. First, the animals appear on the body bumps, then suddenly swollen head. What do the peasants say, do not even know the local veterinarians.

Shyrakzhan Zharmagambetov, resident. Zarechnoye Akmola region:

— Look, the bumps we had here. No action is taken! Now what can we do, right? How to kill him, he's sick! Doctors many times called, and no action is taken!

Veterinarians say the residents are all too dramatize. They say, cattle usual allergy to grass. The only way — to change the pasture.

Nurlan Dautbaev, veterinarian:

— Toxicosis occurred from grazing near the river by eating oily forage crops. This buckwheat, millet, clover. Allocated volatile, and in hot weather allocated toxicosis. And revealed in the form of allergic reactions.

However, the villagers do not believe in poisoning. Say, millet and clover are planted long ago, but until now there was no such beast reaction.

Vladimir Kolotkin, resident. Zarechnoye Akmola region:

— Inspector-doctor came, change pastures, said. And the disease is unknown. At the hospital yesterday was in the veterinary clinic, they say, it's some kind of allergic reactions. And drugs have given us, so I double-prick.

Villagers raise the alarm for the third month. During this time, the number of sheep in the village was reduced several times. People all blame the mysterious illness and veterinarians with officials. However the local Governor's office have found extreme.

Erkin Baikenov Akim Akim Garden rural district of Akmola region:

— I can say this, that some kind of disease. But the fact of guilt — is the owners themselves. First, the disease is not this afternoon, it started since last fall. But he who has begun, he hid it!

— Is there a name?

— Well, since the regional laboratory does not confirm a disease …

Meanwhile, the animals are still dying. In order not to Die, residents burned the corpses of animals in their yards, and hope that one day, a mysterious disease depart as suddenly as it appeared.

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Venus Esimova

Source: CTC

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