10 people died because of the floods in Spain

In the Spanish province of Valencia eliminate consequences tornado TV channel "Russia 24". Storm ravaged on several towns. In Gandia destroyed the local fair — from pavilions nothing left felled giant Ferris wheel, 35 people were injured.

In the south of the country are struggling with flooding. Rivers overflow their banks, dams can not withstand, resulting in the flow of water and mud rushing into the streets and squares of cities, eroding roads and destroying bridges. Also, in some areas of the country recorded landslides, to some of the cities can be reached only by helicopter.

In the list of the dead for 10 families. Thousands of people have fled their homes. Flow of water and wash away dirt roads and demolished bridges. Broken rail. Emergency services do not have time to strengthen the dam every day under the threat of flooding all the new cities.

Category: Natural disasters and the environment

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