2011: record number of earthquakes for Oklahoma

February 29. Only on Wednesday afternoon magnitude earthquake jolted 3 Oklahoma Center — City Velston. Experts said that in the last year in the state of seismic events occurred more than 1,000, more than 60 thousand people across Oklahoma and the surrounding states of felt tremors of the earth.

Last year in Oklahoma, seismologists have noticed a sharp jump in the number of earthquakes. Over 1,000 of them were recorded in 2011, exceeding the annual average of such seismic events 10 times.

Last year, in November, in the County of Lincoln, was the strongest in the history of the state of an earthquake of magnitude 5.6.

According to USGS seismologist from the state, Austin Holland, as a sharp jump in quake is very rare.

"Note that serious growth — a little unusual, this is partly due to the fact that many in the state seysmooborudovaniya, means that the more you listen, the more are going to hear," — said Holland.

November 5, 2011 an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 occurred in the county of Lincoln. A few hours later, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 shook the record county.

A few days later on the same territory occurred even seismic events.

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As explained by Holland, such is considered quite normal when after a strong earthquake such as this, there are many who feel the earth tremble, but over time they become less and less, because the seismic activity is reduced.

Thousands of people in the area from the north to the south of Wisconsin Dallas-Fort Worth felt the earthquake.

Holland explains that the rocks state have something to everything.

"Here, in the heart of the United States, the rocks have a coherent structure, and they are older than the rocks in the western U.S., so the seismic activity in the center will be felt more strongly than in the west."

According to Holland, there are several fault lines along Teksomy (Amer. Texoma — formed from parts of two words for the names of 2 states: TEXas (Texas) and OklahOMA (Oklahoma) is used to denote the territory on the border of the above states — annotated. Translator) And one of them could be the source of a substantial earthquake.

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"The largest fault, can cause tremors, located in the town of Mears in southwest Oklahoma," — explains Holland. — "So, in this area are most likely an earthquake."

"In fact, the whole area is subject to tremors. There are some well-known fault lines, one of them Vilzetta, located in the north Teksomy and north-east of Ada (Ada — a small town in Oklahoma, — annotated. Translator) And earthquakes in the last few years. "

That's why a resident and a graduate of Denison Southeastern Oklahoma University Christopher Nunley has created a website to inform teksomentsev on earthquakes.

"My website — primoweather.com — developed as an additional resource for the community Teksomy to obtain advice in the event of bad weather and in the event of seismic events."

Nunley is studying meteorology and geology at the local university and tells of a series of earthquakes last November prompted experts to monitor the neighboring fault Vilzettoy.

"My University — University units. Oklahoma, as well as the local Geological Survey launched several monitoring systems along the fault in order to conduct research that will help prepare the state of Texas and Oklahoma to earthquakes, "- said Nunley.

Past earthquakes have prompted USGS (Recalling, USGS — U.S. Geological Survey National — annotated. Translator) To February 7 "driving" earthquake, in which more than 2.4 million people, among them 70 thousand inhabitants of Oklahoma.

Holland and Nunley explain it — a good way to prepare for seismic activity, as tremors were out and there is no way by which you can find out in advance where and when there will be another blow.

As an added Holland, the last 2 years have been quite remarkable the number of seismic events in Oklahoma, and he sees no reason why this will happen again this year.

"I just call for availability, as earthquake in Teksomy becoming more frequent, while most people worry about tornadoes, instead of thinking about the earthquake, "- said Nunley.

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: kxii.com

Source: www.vseneprostotak.ru

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