21.06.12.V Dnieper fish die because of the heat


21.06.12.V Kremenchuk (Poltava region) in the Dnieper River began to die ryba.Kak UNIAN correspondent, with the onset of heat the water in the river turned green, dead fish goes with the flow, or nailed to the waves of the river bank.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Kremenchug Taratorin already sent a telephone message to the regional department of environmental protection and management of the Poltava regional management of water resources, which indicated that the oxygen level in the water because of the heat down the Dnieper. "According to" Water canal ", June 19, the oxygen level in the river down to the level of 4.17 milligrams per liter, and 20 June — 3.24 (at a minimum rate — 6). Please take immediate action to increase the passage of water in order to provide running water and prevent fish kills, "- said in a telephone message.

Source: UNIAN


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