21-year-old boy rescued two children and a grandmother from fire

In Kiev 21-year-old supermarket security guard Alexander Artemchenko rescued from a burning apartment two children — four or five years. According to the press service of EMERCOM in Zaporizhia region. The incident occurred in the area of Zhovtnevyy Street. Kozachey. The guy was at home and saw through the window that the first floor of the apartment belching thick smoke.21-year-old boy rescued two children and grandmother of fire | Dnepropetrovsk | TODAY

"I ran up to the apartment, but could not open the metal door. I obbezhal around the house and saw the burning building on the balcony — an elderly woman and two children, "- said Alexander. The guy took one child from the balcony. Their 59-year-old grandmother wanted to go back to the apartment to save some things, but Alexander persuaded her not to risk too poor and helped down from the balcony. "By that time the rescuers arrived. I myself do not even have time to get scared, but the children were very frightened, "- says Artemchenko and adds that nothing he did not commit.

As we were told in the press service GUMCHS in Zaporizhzhya region, cause of the fire is likely to have children playing with fire. The kids were at home with his grandmother. Children played on the balcony, and my grandmother do the housework. Suddenly, she could smell the smoke, ran to the children and saw the fire. Frightened in earnest woman was calling for help.

The kids got off only fear, but their grandmother was hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning. By the way, came to the rescue to the rescue Alexander Artemchenko recently began training at the police department Ordzhonikidze. He wants to become operative.

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