22.08.12.V Perm killed birds. Video


22.08.12.Zhiteli Perm witnessed a strange phenomenon. In different parts of the city began to find dead birds. Sparrows, doves, chickadees.

One of the favorite places for honeymooners — square at the opera house. Pigeons eat right here with it — make great pictures for the wedding album. But recently it began to notice a lot of dead birds. Sight for this celebration is not pleasant. The death of birds has been the subject of active discussion on the city web forum. Users share observations — before such a large number of dead birds have not seen anybody. Remember the story of the last year and a massive loss of blackbirds in Sweden. Distinct explanations scientists then and was not given.

Permian make their own assumptions. Configured more pessimistic — they see it as a sign of the approaching end of the world.

Astrologer Alexander Patrakov: — death of birds in no case, can not mean the death of the land itself. And the birds are not going to die, and we will never die, it's all exaggerated fantasy of some members of our society, not more.

Mass death of birds may be associated with the disease. Confirm or refute this version can only employees veterinary station. It explained: Permian Cesar last inspected in 2009. Then complain about the death of birds turned anxious workers Station. Check revealed — threatening diseases in birds there.

Conduct similar studies can now. To do this, the citizens who saw the dead bird should call the office. Inspectors will leave in place and take samples.

The birds could have died because of the heat, and that was this summer. In those days, the pigeons are suffering from serious kidney damage. The disease is not immediately, but after a week, when there is a temperature difference. While dying, usually very young individuals.

However, ornithologists sure — this is not the strange illness. And poor nutrition. Birds are absolutely contraindicated in fast food: chips, salted crackers and nuts. But that is what is most often fed birds on the streets. Those hooked everything indiscriminately.

Ornithologist Natalia Kostitsina: — There is fatty liver degradation, that is, the pigeons are obese, these nuts are very high in fat, a lot of salt, so violated, of course, different types of metabolism in birds and it may lead, no doubt, to the death of the bird.

In most European countries, to feed the urban birds is forbidden under threat of imposing fines. In fact, in the summer of urban sparrows, pigeons and crows tits find enough food, but in the winter to soak, they need our help. Just put in a feeder for birds to suitable food: millet, oats and raw sunflower seeds.

Source: Vetta TV

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