25.07.12.Gibel fish in the Penza region. Video


25.07.12.V arbekovskom Penza pond fish surfaced.

Not a single bite that morning. The bait Alexandra Telnova, catcher with 43 years of experience, the fish is not. But near the shore of a small goldfish and Rotanov abound. Aquatic inhabitants, according to all indications, were killed.

"Yesterday, when I came, I saw that the fish rose to the surface," — said the woman.

Alexander Telnova on disability. Fishing for her — an outlet and rest. The last 12 years every day, she walks with gear on a small body of water that the district Arbekova. It is located just 100 meters from the house on the street of Ulyanovsk.

Sometimes, that woman here, and 20 copies were caught, and now she just looks at with pity surfaced fish and murky water.

"In the morning the water was foam" — she recalled.

Two years ago, according to the memoirs women here took a similar story. The water was murky, with a strong musty smell. However, then the inhabitants of the depths of mass destruction were not.

"The fish floats due to lack of oxygen or the presence in the water of a chemical. Another reason I do not know ", — explained the director on the phone Rospotrebnadzor Penza region, Alexander Dmitriev.

According to Alexander Telnova, cause emissions to water of toxic substances.

Source: Penza inform

Let me remind you that the Penza region is famous for its anomaly in the village Lepyagi.

Penza anomaly. Video

15.03.2010.Pyat people poisoned by gas of unknown origin in the village Lipyagi Luninskogo district. They say hell is going on here. Not far from the cemetery, right by the road, began to settle the soil.

Snow falling on the ground, melting the winter within two meters. Perhaps at this and would not have paid attention, if not gone from the depths of subtle evaporation. Curious locals decided to pick open living fairy land.

"I do a little digging, one layer of earth removed, and from there went to smoke. When he began to pull out the crowbar from the ground, it was very hot, "- said the villager Lipyagi Nicholas Barmakov.

Hot and stones were extracted from the soft ground. But the strange thing began after excavations villagers. All those who stood over a little odd failure, fell ill in one hour.

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