53 houses partially destroyed by tremors in eastern Tajikistan


17.01.12.CA-NEWS (TJ) — 53 houses partially destroyed by ongoing for three weeks of tremors in Darvaz district in the east of Tajikistan, said at a press conference in Dushanbe on Tuesday, the first deputy chairman of the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CSF) of the Republic Abdusattor Khushvakhtov.

According to him, the magnitude of the oscillations reaches 2.0-3.0.

He noted that in the area of organized point of ongoing monitoring and 10 households provided first-needed assistance in the form of food and warm clothing.

According to seismologists, the oscillations of the earth's crust in this region are observed from December 29 last year, when there was the first earthquake of magnitude 5.0.

Two years ago in Vanj earthquake with magnitude 5.0, after which the region tremors were observed during the month. Then hit over 1.2 thousand homes. Exogenous from zones of the area have been moved more than 5 thousand families. The total damage from the elements while over 1.5 million.

According to the CSF in 2011 as a result of 120 natural emergencies killed 11 people. In 2010, there were 236 emergency, that killed 61 people.

The total damage from natural disasters in 2011 was approximately 43 million somoni (over 9 million).

Last year, as a result of improper behavior in reservoirs and rivers of the country killed 118 people, or three cases less than in 2010.

Source: CA-NEWS (TJ)

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