A huge trident is depicted on the banks of Peru




There is a theory that it was the work of the Cossacks and the Vikings

South American country of Peru is full of mysteries and secrets. Here the legendary Incas lived here, among impenetrable jungle, is the lost city of Machu Picchu, and still is, in Peru Nazca desert — still unsolved mystery of ancient times. And for the Ukrainians this country, we can say mate.

Nazca — the airfield for little green men?

Ukrainian ethnographer, historian, a descendant of a famous scientist and anthropologist Professor Hvedira Vovk — Dmitry Vovk — has traveled the world. Mysterious Sites, mysterious stories, unexplained facts — his hobby. Going on an expedition to South America, he did not know what adventures await him. Especially in Peru. First, I visited a traveler, was the desert of Nazca. It is, in fact, not a desert in the full sense of the word — sand dunes and stony-clay plateau area of 500 square kilometers. It is amazing striated lines. And only a bird's eye people spotted it — drawings of animals and birds. Aircraft here, as we taxi because it is sightseeing flights over the Nazca attract many tourists.

Vovk just could not fly over this ancient mystery. Among friends, he came to the pilot an airplane. And suddenly he heard Russian speech, he offered a discount of $ 15 from fifty! Yes, and "ride" the most interesting places. All because of our love there, because the Soviet Union supplied here airplanes and Peru supported economically.

And at the bottom — beautiful! Breathtaking figures spider, condor dog. Interestingly, some of the living creatures, for example, a monkey and a hummingbird, has never lived in the area. A picture of a man, which scientists have named an astronaut, excites the imagination of many supporters of the idea of extraterrestrial civilizations. For example, a German researcher Erich von Deynikin calls Nazca airfield for aliens, and his compatriot Maria Reiche suggested that the images were made by shamans of local tribes under the influence of narcotic plants, the reception of which allow people to soar above the earth in his mind.

Not only versions of the origin of divergent, but the age of the desert, scientists have established a huge difference — to the III century BC and VIII century BC Of course, the animals struck Nazca Ukrainian Vovk, but he was genuinely surprised to see on the Pacific coast 150-meter image … trident. Is Ukrainian trail?

— And which of our been there? — Asks the correspondent of the newspaper "Today" looking at the pictures.

— Yes, I have a couple of versions of the incredible about it. One of them — is associated with Scandinavia — "Viking". First, a trident is high shore and visible not only air, but also ocean. Second, he is younger than the figures of Nazca, and thirdly, the technique used is slightly different from the figures on the plateau. Now, let's think. Historically, it is proved that the Vikings in the IX-X centuries visited North America. So why do not reach the most desperate South American coast and leave their mark there? After all, the trident as a symbol of Ukrainian, came to us from the Kievan princes of Rurik, and they were Vikings. There are further confirmation of my 'Scandinavian' version: another symbol of Kievan Rus was an eight-pointed star — a sign of the supreme god Svarog. This symbol is very common in Peru as a talisman, as the emblem of cities as a magic symbol, as a decoration. Peruvians called him Andean cross, in honor of the Andes mountains.

— Why, in Ukraine, we do not find such an image?

— We just curious. Andean cross used in the symbolism of our security forces, and just in the form of jewelry. And in Peru make reed boats with thatched animal heads on the nose — they look like drakary — Viking ships. So my guess based on what I saw.

— And if the Cossacks could draw a trident?

— Possibly. My other version refers to the XVI century, when the trident of the prince's household moved to the symbolism of the level. It is possible that the Cossacks captured after fleeing from Turkish galleys could reach Spain and join the troops of soldiers, conquistadors, and with them went to conquer South America. That's because the Cossacks, too, could make its mark in the form of a trident, which performed the same function as that of the Vikings — the function of the lighthouse.

And, indeed, perhaps, Vovk and right: if a German Deynikin unimaginable advanced the theory that the Nazca lines — the airfield for a UFO, why would we, Ukrainians Vovk, not to concoct a story that made the Peruvian trident Cossacks? ..

Crawling on the lost city

— What women wear strange! — Continues flipping photo album correspondent.

— There are places where clothes go to another Spanish conquerors XVIII century! And some Amazonian tribes do not burden themselves with clothing. Although in other parts of Peru — in the highlands of the Andes — a rather cold, despite the fact that it is almost equator. People have to dress warmly. It is located in the mountains of Lake Titicaca, which translated means "panther without color," the local and do not know why it's called. This is the high-altitude lake in the world — 3,800 meters above sea level, and it is very cold, the water temperature is about 13 degrees. But we decided to take a dip, and for the full extreme stripped naked and leaped into the water! Tourists from surprise us even began to take pictures, but when we learned that we are "Russian", wonder no longer.

— And for the rest of our tourists in Peru is cheap or expensive?

— Local, sometimes even for some small change ready to provide service. For example, we really wanted to see the city of Machu Picchu, which translates from Quechua language means "Lost Mountain". Not only is the entrance there is $ 20, so we must also go by train. Tickets are sold only on the passport. If you're a local — the drive is worth about $ 5, if a tourist — from 40 to 70. Clearly, since you pay the same amount for the road, and it has already paid for entry. And this city is guarded by armed guards, and as they say, shoot in the "illegals" without warning. But we, the adventurers, acting on the principle of "smart people will not go to the mountain, the mountain will bypass smart" and asked a local boy — shoeshine boy, secret paths lead us. He agreed and took it for a couple of packs of cigarettes. We crawled on his stomach through the jungle, without raising his head to the guards noticing. A hole in the fence that surrounded the city, was near the toilets. So we went there, pretending to be just out of the toilet.

It was a beautiful town with a stone and earthen pyramids, towering on the mountain jungle. According to legend, there worshiped the sun god Inge. But at one point, people just stopped coming in trudnodosyagaemy Machu Picchu, and it is "lost." And when, in the early twentieth century it was again discovered, he became a favorite tourist destination, where there the people doing business.

— A modern city in the jungle have?

— There is a city of Iquitos in Peru! "Capital" Amazonian jungle. Once it was the first in the world in the production of rubber. Now everything is thrown, but the truth, the reflections of former glory remain. It is necessary here, such as a house engineer Eiffel from metal skeletons, built on technology known Parisian tower. Now here is expensive cafe for tourists. By the way, in Iquitos, as in the present capital, residents flock to nearby tribes, especially the girls — in search of a better life. But unofficial data, there five women per one man.

Here you can buy the dried head of a European

— You were not afraid to walk around the city? Suddenly, a Peruvian Amazons attacked?

— Does not have to be afraid of the Amazons, and the conductors in the wilds of the jungle. One time we wanted to wander around the city, and we found a local who agreed to accompany us for a reasonable price. I asked, and he can get us all sorts of exotic things, such as spiders or edible fried python? He gallantly replied, "No problem", which surprised me. Then I asked if I could buy somewhere dried head. We were told that they have it still remains a symbol of the victory of the hunters. It is this: the defeated enemy decapitated skull crushed and removed, and the skin zasushivat so that facial features remain. Even the eyes are just sew them to the spirit of the beheaded enemy does not hurt. Local soldiers are of such a trophy belt. I also wanted it for a souvenir. And our guide said, without embarrassment, that the head and you can get — for $ 150. "American Indian or a white man?" — I ask. "Anyone!" — He smiled. After these words to go with him into the jungle sharply perehotelos. Suddenly I remembered that sometimes in these places disappeared without trace and whole sections of the expedition …

— A Ukrainian gorilka there?

— There is a brew. It is brewed from sugar cane, and insist on the BOA. And there are still soft, but has a narcotic effect and even magical drink called ayahuasca. This — the shamans drink made from the bark of vines. By the way, on the effects on the body is very similar to ayahuasca juice garmaly — climbing plant that grows in … steppes of Ukraine.

— By the way, for witchcraft there is taken very seriously — says Vovk one of the photos, which he and his friends posing in a magic shop 'feature'. — Here is legally sold coca tea, energizing, you can buy the "witches" and even canned mushrooms genitals buffalo. They are necessary if changes husband. In this case, you should put it under the pillow conservation. You can still buy the dried llama fetus — it is put in the foundation of the house. They say it brings happiness. By the way, the custom was, and here in Ukraine. There is a version that the Kiev region Detinets got their name because of the tradition to lay the foundation of the body of animals, captive youths, women and sometimes even children.

— I can not imagine that it is sold as souvenirs!

— You can buy really all about. Ranging from simple decorations, baubles and ending jaguar skins. Even the poison curare — one of the most dangerous plant poisons. They smeared blowpipe darts, the victim dies after a direct hit in a matter of seconds. However, the purchase is possible, but take out beyond the city limits — alas. In Iquitos has its own customs, which searches through all things. So, even had to try exotic food right in town. I ate fried tarantulas, huge caterpillars and turtle eggs. But most of all I liked the crocodile meat, tastes like squid.

…Looking at the photo album, to be honest, too tired to wonder. But this … Vovk awash with pink dolphins! And this is not an error when printing photos — they really pink! Once there, they swim in the Amazon of the ocean and standing freshwater, gone forever. That's such an amazing, full of secrets and mysteries, the country of Peru.

Anna Ivanitskaya


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