A new academic building of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

The new six-story school building NSTU with a unique laboratory for service vehicles opened on October 3 in the Upper Pechora district of Nizhny Novgorod. This was announced at a press conference on October 4 NSTU Rector Sergey Dmitriev.

The cost of placing a French laboratory equipment is 26 million rubles, laboratory analogues in Russia yet.

The new building is located in the university area of the body block. According to Dmitriev, all classrooms are equipped with modern facilities, in addition, there is a unique laboratory for service vehicles, opened as part of the strategic development of public educational institutions of higher obrazovaniya.Stoimost located in the French laboratory equipment 26 million.

Systems of this laboratory emulate parts of the vehicle under various road conditions and allow adjustment of parameters of the car.
Lab work will focus not only on the educational process, but also to retrain staff car services, which means the certificate of the European level. The first of these certificates were awarded on October 3 NSTU teachers who will work in the laboratory.

As Dmitry actually Laboratory for service vehicles is already running, but the grand opening will take place a little later — in the presence of French colleagues and members of the Embassy of France in Russia.
In conclusion, Dmitriev said that analogues of such a laboratory in Russia yet.

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