A new asphalt road section on the Baikal Olkhon

Inauguration of the new asphalt road section Bayanday — Elantsy — Huzhir held October 31, 2012. Here this fall transformed almost 10 kilometers of the carriageway. Now Sahyurta to the village, where you can catch a ferry to Olkhon will get a much nicer: less bumpy, and not have to hide all the way from the dust behind the closed windows of the car.

In 2011, we slept off a gravel pad, and in 2012 on a plot of 9.5 km was laid two layers of asphalt thickness of 11 cm 6 cm and 5 cm of coarse — grained. This "interleaving" will allow the road to serve more than one decade.

Total construction surrendered plot was allocated 287.6 million rubles. 

This year will be backfilled with a further 5 km of the road, which must be submitted in June 2013.

In 2013, work will begin on the creation of the project of reconstruction of the last gravel break at 13 km and overhaul of individual sections of the track. In 2014, the road Bayanday — Elantsy — Huzhir to Lake Baikal will be fully paved.

photo Elena Pyanova "Baikal to conduct"


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