A new dawn for Iraq


U.S. troops in Iraq, dates and figures

Today, in connection with the withdrawal of U.S. troops Prime Minister of Iraq Nuri Al Maliki said:

Nouri al-Maliki

"Today, Iraq — a sovereign and independent, he makes the decisions about the present and its future. This Day August 31 will remain forever in the memory of all Iraqis. "

The head of the Iraqi government said that the security forces themselves are now independent Iraq will withstand all threats — both internal and external.

Tonight, the president of the United States Barack Obama officially announce the end of the combat mission. Even last year, shortly after his inauguration, he called its end date — August 31, 2010. Already in June, U.S. troops withdrew from Iraqi cities, August 7, handed responsibility for the conduct of combat operations to Iraqi forces.

Compared with 2007, when 170,000 U.S. troops held off a wave of violence in Iraq is now about 50,000 U.S. troops.

They will train and support the Iraqi military. The mission of these forces is called "New Dawn." However, it was agreed that in case of emergency the Americans can provide Iraqi troops and combat air support, but only on the direct request of the Government of Iraq.

Complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq will be completed next year. Yesterday in Iraq came to an unscheduled visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. The visit — a sign that the U.S. will not leave Iraq to its troubles one by one.

Joe Biden

Many perastseragayutstsa that Iraqi forces alone will not be able to stem the wave of violence that may take place after the Americans leave. The situation is complicated by the political stalemate in the Iraqi government. March 7 elections revealed no clear winner for the formation of a full power to consent, agreement within the political elite, which is not. As a result, the government, which perasizhvae his term, lacks legitimacy.

One of the goals of Biden's visit was to help the Iraqi politicians to break the deadlock. U.S. Vice President met today with President of Iraq Celal Talyabanand Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and former Prime Minister Ayadam Olivier, whose party won the March election relative majority of votes.

Many Iraqi politicians emphasize that security issues are directly related to the political stability and expressed the hope that the withdrawal of U.S. forces will give Iraqi leaders the responsibility for the fate of the country and get them to agree.

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