A new Medical Center of Moscow State University

New MSU Medical Center put into operation. It is a complex of buildings raznoetazhnyh from 3 to 9 floors with a total area of 52.8 thousand square meters. meters, connected by transitions.

The center provides 9-story hospital with 300 beds in the intensive care unit, surgical, therapeutic, cardiology offices, 5-story diagnostic and treatment unit, 3-storey operating theater, laboratory building.

Moscow State University Medical Center will be the first Russian university clinic. It will contain almost all the specialties of modern medicine — both therapeutic and surgical.
Medical research and education center of the Lomonosov Moscow State University will be handed over four thousand pieces of equipment, including high-tech equipment. Equipment cost is 1.56 billion rubles.
In Mosgosstrojnadzora added that the school building with a conference hall for 240 students passed, the neighborhood is a parking lot for 110 cars. 

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