A new production complex engine-plant Klimov

Near St. Petersburg opened a new production complex "Klimov" / part of the United Engine Corporation / APC /. This is — one more step in the creation of a center of world-class gas turbine engine. The implementation of this innovative project will reduce the development time for new products to 3-4 years, while the introduction of mass production — up to 2 years, the number of prototypes before certification — up to 12 pieces.

Provides for transfer of the center to a new site in suburban Shuvalovo and technology, assembly, design, auxiliary facilities, the creation of physical infrastructure.

  • at the opening of a new production facility was launched on standard tests first helicopter engine VK-2500, collected 100 percent of Russian components
  • at the opening of a new production facility was launched on standard tests first helicopter engine VK-2500, collected 100 percent of Russian components

Buildings Design and Production Complex (CPC) Plant "Klimov" built into the framework of the project "Reconstruction and modernization of research and production base for the development and production of gas turbine engines." The total area of the new industrial and office buildings of about 50 thousand square meters. m The project will set up the first of a new generation of CB on the development of aircraft engines. The project cost is estimated at more than 6 billion rubles.

Created complex is designed to increase the share of competitive domestic aviation products in the domestic and global markets through the development and creation of new high-tech production. The project aims at the development of scientific, technological and industrial potential APC, upgrading an existing design and production complex JSC "Klimov" the production of aircraft gas turbine engines.

It is assumed the organization of production at the new production, including the entire line of production engines for helicopters, as well as the development and launch of a series of new products, such as engine for future high-speed helicopter. Currently, APC is implementing the project of creating Russian-made helicopter engine VK-2500 and TV3-117 in cooperation between enterprises of the holding — "Klimov", "Ufa Engine Industrial Association", "MMP. VVChernysheva."

At the launch ceremony of the first prototype test helicopter engine VK-2500, collected 100 percent of Russian components. The serial production of this type of engine in accordance with the state program of import substitution contributes to the independence of the Russian helicopter industry from foreign manufacturers of engines and their components.

In 2013, will be released 50 VK-2500 engines of Russian components with increased production volume in 2015 to 500 engines per year.

Just JSC "Klimov" was awarded an act of public bench testing jet engines RD-33MK. They started in early 2012 under a contract with the Defense Ministry. Autumn work on the creation of a turbojet engine officially ended. The tests were conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Defense Ministry.

RD-33MK created the design office "Klimov" for carrier-based fighter MiG-29K/KUB that allows our country to return to the project of creating a carrier-based Navy. Since 2013 JSC "RAC" MiG "begins deliveries of ship MiGs with new engines for the needs of the Navy of Russia.

JSC "Klimov" — one of the leading Russian developer of gas turbine engines. The company also provides support for serial production and maintenance of engines for most helicopters marks "Miles" and "Kamov" jet engines for fighter aircraft.

JSC "MC" United Engine Building Corporation "- a 100-percent subsidiary of specialized" OPK "Oboronprom" for engine assets.

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