A new season of labor Krasnoyarsk students and pupils

The Governor Lev Kuznetsov, attends the opening of the third semester of the labor movement "Krasnoyarsk regional student group" (CCSS) and the fifth quarter of the labor movement "Labor senior squad."

The revival of the student teams began in the summer of 2005.

Members of the regional movement — university students, students from institutions of specialized secondary and basic vocational education. The structure of the regional branch includes 13 regional headquarters of student teams.

Profiles of student groups: manufacturing, construction, teaching, service, medical, agricultural, and a detachment of conductors.

The total number of participants in the movement, "senior labor groups" is more than 25 thousand people.

Groups perform socially meaningful work and have such areas as — units of improvement, environmental groups, propaganda teams, teams of emergency social assistance, media groups, teams of counselors.

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