A powerful earthquake in Papua New Guinea

According to the Geological Surveying and Mapping USA, April 17, 2012 in Papua New Guinea was a major earthquake of magnitude 7. The epicenter was located in the north of the 141 km from one of the largest cities and the industrial port of Lae at a depth of 200 kilometers. Pacific Centre for disaster prevention, along with the Australian Centre reported that signs of a devastating tsunami following an earthquake followed.

"The lack of a tsunami warning because the quake occurred at a considerable depth, despite the fact that a small distance from the shore," — said seismologist Clive Collins of the Australian Centre Geoscience. It is known that the tremors were felt in a radius of 250 kilometers from the epicenter in the mountainous area near the town of Goroka. According to the Center for nothing surprising in this, since the powerful earthquake of this nature usually have a wide coverage. However, in the mountainous areas of risk is in the form of landslides.

Severe earthquakes are particularly characteristic of the poor regions in the north of Papua New Guinea, which is located in the Pacific volcanic ring of fire. In 1998, as a result of the tsunami on the northwest coast near Aitape, killing more than two thousand people.

Source: ecowars.tv

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