A. Sannikov: Russia sends signals that will not deal with Lukashenko

The leader of the campaign "European Belarus", the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to BelaPAN spoke about his political course, expressed the view that what's going on in Belarus on the eve of the election, and assessed the actions of their opponents.

"The situation in Belarus with each passing day more and more pronounced — will change, and we must do everything possible to bring these changes. Some actions of the current opposition politicians fit into this logic, some imitate them.

Now we are important, not imitation activities, and activities. Coordination of actions — is the key word, and it will take place between the staffs of the real candidates, and not those who they believed themselves. Meetings between the contenders are already taking place. I can give both positive and negative examples of such meetings.

For example manifesto on the protection of national interests, which released the BPF. The day before I talked with Gregory Kastusyou, warned that such a policy would be unacceptable to me and harmful to the situation in Belarus. Apparently, oncetalk, and the issue has provoked a manifest.

Now we have to deal with real policy to move away from the stereotypes that exist. Talking about, we have some opponents but Lukashenko, just not worth it. We must concentrate on how to bring change. They are possible, and there will be real, even for six months.

Russia, in my opinion, has changed its position and sends clear signals that will not deal with Lukashenko, but only with the new leadership of Belarus. And from us, the people of Belarus is dependent on how it will guide.

Personally, I will count on the people of Belarus. It's not a gray mass — that democratic activists, and government officials, and business. Now there is a very good serious discussion about the future of Belarus, which I welcome.

Strong political figures I think of Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Kalyakin. Unfortunately, they will not participate in the elections as candidates. However, I find it helpful to talk to them. The rest, in my opinion, can be assessed in different ways. I applaud their activity, but we need to be realistic about his chances. "
Speaking about the situation with a single candidate, Andrei Sannikov drew an analogy with the previous elections. "Then the activity of the party structures ended after his election. And just before the elections began a modest recovery. This is the approach that something signed, and we can do nothing," — said the politician.

He and his representatives have not accepted the agreement on joint actions during the election campaign, which was signed on August 24, the leader of the "Tell the truth!" Vladimir Nyaklyaeu, chairman of the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka and BPF Alexei Yanukevich, leader of the "European Coalition" Nikolai Statkevich, heads the organizing committees of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymashevski and the Party of Women "Hope "Elena Eskova.

The document provides for the joint nomination of representatives to election commissions, election monitoring, creation of internal and external pressure on the government, calling for protests.

By Sannikov, the agreement was signed "the various actors, some — small, are unlikely to be doing what it says." "Giving earned the right to speak on his behalf to those who signed the document, I do not want to. I myself or members of my team we do statements that I see fit, "- he said.

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