A terrible storm hit the Philippines

Photo: pixanews.com

Reported 7 dead, 20 000 people were evacuated.

Typhoon struck the island of Lusaka, and according to local weather started to move towards the island of Taiwan.
Hurricane wind speed is 185 km / h. Typhoon was given the name "Nanmadol".
In addition to the storm from the sea, the island experienced heavy rains that caused by landslides.
Typhoon caused serious damage to the island, eight bridges destroyed, and most of the houses people just demolished. Government authorities said the victims, their number is not known, the numbers from 7 to 13 people. It is known that five people were killed by landslides, two drowned, six other people were taken away by the wind into the sea.
20 thousand casualties had to leave their homes, it is primarily for the residents of the mountainous north of the island.
At the moment Nanmandol moves towards Taiwan, it is expected to reach the island on Tuesday.
Recent major typhoons hit the Philippines were Nock-ten and the Mufti claimed the lives of 70 people in July.

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