About Liberty: Janka Zaprudnik


What is your freedom?

The opportunity to realize my goals.

What is most limiting your freedom?

The deficit of knowledge, time and money.

What is happiness for you?

Make plans.

What are you most afraid of?

Lose the ability to work: I go for 85 minutes.

What a talent you would like to have?


Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

Young people, who show interest in belarushchyny.

What do you most enjoy doing?

Read, write, communicate with neighbors.

If could live life again, what would you change?

Would work on a more systematic, did not waste much time.

What's the best advice you have received?

Do not be discouraged, do not despair!

What is your favorite motto?

Everything comes and goes.

In any political system, you want to live?

In the People's Republic.

What country do you want to live?

In a free Belarus.

In what era you want to live?

The best age is one in which I live.

If you were the ruler of Belarus, which would have made in primarily?

The government would introduce more women in top positions.

What relations of Belarus with the European Union should have?

Free of any coercion.

What relations of Belarus with Russia should have?

Free from all violence.

Some think so, "Let dictatorship, just to own." And you?

Evaluation of the dictatorship depends on the goal that sets the dictatorship.

When and how to change of power in Belarus?

If the voice of the new generation will come, vzroschenny in honor to the national state.

If Belarusians will speak Belarusian?

Absolutely Belarusians speak Belarusian now.

What happens if you do not start speaking Belarusians Belarusian?

Remain halfway to its full statehood.



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