Above the volcano Tungurahua in Ecuador there is a column of ash height of 3 km

A column of ash about 5 km in altitude observed this morning above the crater of the volcano Tungurahua, one of the largest active volcanoes in Ecuador.

Pole is clearly visible, despite the strong clouds in the mountains. According to reports from staff observation posts, leading continuous monitoring colossus higher than 5000 meters above sea level, the release of gas and ash began at about 6:20, heading ash cloud — the northern and north-west. Five hours later (around 11:30) the first reports on the fall of the ashes in the Canton of Baños and nearby settlements.

Volcanologists are informed that due to the strong rains in this part of the country, from the evening of the previous day were lahares (mud flows, with a high content of heated stones) flowing down the mountain gorges. While the jets did not lead to problems in the transport links between cities Los Paharos — Penipe, however, researchers recommend that drivers observe precaution.

Residents of the city of Baños clean ash. According to Fernando Naranjo, employee Tungurahua Volcano Observatory (OVT), located at the tracking station in the village of Patate Guadeloupe, ash emissions accompanied by constant tremors inside the colossus. Cantonal authorities Baños check the status of evacuation in case of a possible eruption, which do not exclude the volcanologists, describing, however, the current activity to be weak. After the first release of the powerful at 06:20 this morning activity decreased slightly and the colossus while emissions continue, but less vigorously ash column rises only up to 3 km above the crater.

Source: the-day-x.ru.

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