After the earthquake in the Pacific west coast of Canada threatens tsunami

On the western coast of Canada, an earthquake measuring 7.7 points last night. Residents of many states in the U.S. and Hawaii are preparing for a flood, reported news agency.

Map of earthquakes in western Canada: a group of islands Haida Gwaii, it reached 7.7 points. Photo:

After a major earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Northern California and Southern Oregon threatens tsunami. According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the wave can reach a height of one — two meters. Possible destruction on the coast of Hawaii and the U.S..

As the channel CNN, Hawaii authorities evacuated residents to safer places. "Everywhere on the island heard sirens — told the hotel employee on the island of Maui vacationers. The tsunami is expected there at about 22:28 local time.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey USGS, the force of the earthquake reached 7.7 points. Its epicenter was located in the area of Haida Gwaii Islands at a depth of 17 km. These islands are located about 200 km south-west of the city of Prince Rupert in Canada's British Columbia. A few minutes later by a push force of 5.8 points. While no reports of casualties or damage.

Canadian officials announced a tsunami alert in the seaside areas of British Columbia and Alaska, the northern part of Vancouver Island and Cape Decision. Residents of at least four settlements in British Columbia moved, according to the authorities, in an upper room.

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