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With the arrival of summer on our planet once again began to appear mysterious circles. Reports of strange geometrically correct figures on agricultural plantations have received from the UK, Italy and Slovakia. Do not beat this ferment drain phenomenon and Russia.

UFOs fly Kuban (if the earth verb "to fly" in general is applicable to processes of movement of mysterious objects), as scheduled. The author of these lines has led coverage of the landing sites of alleged unidentified "guests" in the vicinity of the village Nekrasov, under the Maikop, a plateau Lagonaki and grain fields of the rural cooperative "Victory" near stanitsa Tenghinka. Each such area decorated icons of different typeface: that associated steep arcs circles, the diamonds lined systems, the circle inscribed in a circle … And here's a new space autograph — on wheat field near the village of the Sign near Krasnodar.

Windy in the morning we drove to the scene. Despite the early hour, the group went on a field of curious Bunglers who came here from Krasnodar with the same goal as we do. To the evident displeasure of field-crop North Caucasus Research Institute of Livestock, they have trampled pours ripeness of barley, and one of the "natives" grumbled

— Were given to you the same aliens! Ponavydumyvayut all sorts of tales. Here cleaning is imminent, and you trample bread.

Yes, the ears in the middle of one of the fields trampled thoroughly. However, the tracks were clearly not human: a circle with a diameter of twelve meters below the other two — half as much. Their location is very reminiscent of the icon under stanitsa Nekrasov, left, as claimed by outlaws, a huge plate UFO glowing colored lights. Then we talked to at least a dozen witnesses this fantastic landing. So, maybe there are witnesses to the Sign?

We go almost every yard outlying streets of the village and detached villas, "No …" "Have you seen …". But Daria Starova that sells herbs in Krasnodar, from our prying questions are not dismissed:

— I came back later that night — the grandson of the city was unwell. Saw the lightning flashed over the fields. Rain and hail did go, but the flash thunderstorms were some unusual blue-red color. The next morning the neighbor lady: "We aliens have landed!"

More as we may ask anybody about any outbreaks similar to lightning, not even mentioned. On printed as postmarks, circles on the field — is another matter! They have seen many people, including us.

And once again have to resort to analogies. Figure laid in circles in the fields of barley under Znamensky exactly recurring visions before the icon. As if on giant dials, spikelets were stacked one by one, as if visited by a powerful press, from left to right. But no, we have not found the broken. Only thistle did not submit unknown force, though bent, but unbending, all raised above the head pink.

— I was literally shocked by what he saw — said a senior researcher at the Research Institute of Animal Nina Kulpina. — I am convinced that to make such prints by hand, but still in time — yesterday was not, and now — get a miracle! — Is simply impossible.

Alas, to capture a mysterious figure in the memory of posterity, we could not. With the development of film all the shots were overexposed. We went to the Sign to shoot again. Again mystery eluded us — has been heavy rain with wind and virtually destroyed the shape of a fantastic figure. However, he has destroyed and the version put forward by those who argued that the crop circles — the handiwork of playing on our curiosity craftsmen or the effects of strong winds, began to turn the plant into an unusual pattern.

So "nahuliganil" under Znamensky someone (or something?) Mysterious. Who or what? On this issue are scratching their heads literally everyone who saw Znamenskaya icon. In addition to academics, unfortunately. Silence of the academic classrooms they are not lured this exciting the imagination mystery.

Comment specialist

In Russia there are no experts who have seriously studied the phenomenon of "crop circles", or, as they are called, kroptsirklov. Therefore, the correspondent of "Labor" addressed by e-mail to foreign researchers to the problem.

Colin Andrews of the United States (recognized expert on "circles", the author of the bestseller "The round piece of evidence," and many other books on this puzzle) told us:

— Today in my data bank has accumulated more than ten thousand (!) Images "circles" from all over the world, and I myself personally visited 2,500 icons. And this "revision" convinced me that 80 percent of all registered in the files of kroptsirklov — it human hands. When I announced this in an interview, I was inundated with indignation on the part of enthusiasts tsareologii (science circles).

However, despite the huge number of fakes, fifth wheels can still be safely attributed to the phenomenon of nature. These kroptsirkly show anomalies that are difficult to explain human intervention.

— Can you confidently say that many of the presently registered kroptsirklov though one is more than just tricks pranksters? — We asked kroptsirklov known American researcher Nancy Talbott, who listens to the views of all those involved in this phenomenon.

— Judge for yourself — Nancy said. — Recently, our group has completed another series of instrumental studies. We tested the soil structure within circles and outside them. Obtained some interesting results. For example, it was found that the crystal structure of the earth in kroptsirklah undergone such changes which could be caused by geological pressure at a depth of several thousand feet, for hundreds or thousands of years. However, as the following incomparably younger, this is out of the question.

But not only the high pressure may cause such crystallization. This may be a very high temperature. However, when such heating would have to burn a huge area of fields around kroptsirkla. And this, as you know, is not happening. So it probably should not carry a joker, but a science as yet unknown energy …

Nikolai Sedov, GSS. corr. "Labor."

Trud-7 number 116 of 24.06.2004

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