Alexiyevich: This is a circus in the presidential fight

In an interview with the Russian newspaper "Izvestia" writer Svetlana Aleksievich commented avtorkavae happened on the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk.

"None of my friends, with whom we discussed yesterday's explosion at the Russian Embassy, do not believe that for him are some real anti-Russian forces — in spite of the anti-Russian propaganda that for about five years leading power. Nobody believes that this could go to the nationalist youth movement or the opposition.

A few years ago during festivals in Minsk exploded a homemade bomb with nails, bolts. There was, in my opinion, about 15,000 people, so many people were affected. Fingerprints taken almost the entire population of the country, but the organizers have not been found. However thereafter the explosion of one of the two parties, which we have always fought for the right to be closer to the body of the president, won, and the Minister of the Interior dismissed. It became clear that this showdown at the top.

Anti-Russian state exists only in newspapers, on radio, on television ….

How would the power nor rocked anti-Russian sentiment, yet the people of Belarus set to the Russian people friendly. It is such a brotherly feeling that is difficult to overcome. And Lukashenka can not. Anti-Russian state exists only in newspapers, on radio and on television.

So that the Belarusian public opinion leans toward the fact that this incident is related to showdowns at the top or future elections, which it most interested in power. After watching the movie antilukashenkovskih, held on Russian television, it became clear that Russia would like to have entered the presidential race, and our support of alternative candidates. The burst of the Russian Embassy — a way to neutralize them, what can be achieved only by stepping up anti-Russian sentiment. Now, we can expect that such an operation will take place, because that elections, rumored to be the end of the season, time is running out. Such an authoritarian ruler, if it is reeling under the presidency, is capable of anything. A provincial imagination is not so smart. So the company that explosion blew up, it is rather a circus in the presidential fight. "

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