Alien dugout and got offspring in Kiev




Director Andrei Novoselov is known to many even that creative "crime" that once drowned in the resin itself Pugachev. It happened on the set of his and her video for "exclusion zone" (with Petkuna). Recently, the settlers relocated to Kiev, yearning for the company of prima, communicates mostly with aliens — on the set of his debut feature film with the working title "Contact".

"Cinema — a risky business, and the debut — triple risky, but it is so interesting and," — said Sergey Selyanov somehow, producer, director and head of the famous Russian film company ETS ("Brother", "Brother 2," "The Cuckoo" "oligarch" and so on). And took produce motion picture debut of the famous Moscow clipmaker Andrei Novoselov for the debut of the Moscow scenario actress Irina Borodulina. The film — about first love between a girl and a boy born of an alien and dugouts.

"Serve" it was decided to shoot in Kiev. We have our beautiful nature, and less time in two or three costing the filming process. Operator invited Sergei Mikhailchuk ("Mother", "The Lover"). To play the selected Russians Dmitry Ermilova, a graduate of the Shchukin Theater School, and non-professional actress Tatyana Peshkov. Mom is played by actress Vera Voronkov ("Time of the Dancer," "The Lover"), father — former resident of Kiev Viktor Konisevich ("Forgiveness"). And at the same time gave earn in the crowd and the young shoots of the local actors, biting granite theatrical skill in the Karpenko-Kary. Filmed at the hem, in a park near the Mariinsky Palace, on Trostyanetska stadium, and so on and so forth

Mount the film will be in Kiev, because, according to Novoselov, he's here already nasnimal clips so much that he had discovered his editing studio. By the way, the range of activities Novoselov is very wide — from videos to documentary about the group "Aquarium" from pop to alternative band "Repair of the water."

— Andrew, how is it that you, a famous music video director, have engaged in filming a full-length feature film?

— So I was just a movie shoot. Once I went on a very successful clips in Moscow, I was all very fascinated. And in terms of full-length feature film was only one proposal interesting — the present one. Prior to this offering and the series for ORT to shoot a movie. But I refused: themes disliked. Waiting for his movie.

— And what are your movie?

— The genre is a fantastic romance, and the film of the tremulous and tender love. On how to intervene in our lives aliens. And interfere in people's lives the simple, bright, clean. And now these same people do not know what to do, but the space gets in them that can perceive it, are able to love. Just as there was a history of maternal love with an alien, it's happened to her son. Because he is from the same "sandbox": the man is light and clean. And one of those pictures — this is a topic that we all wait for higher love, real, strong, light. But love can carry some things to which we are not ready. And the film is about the conversation will go: people fall into a situation of true love — and do not know what to do with it.

— It was difficult to find actors?

— Very large casting was carried out in Moscow. We will be playing on simplicity, but I'm looking for people internally inspired and bright, simple, sincere. I did not want to take the well-known actors, backed stamp is played. But the most important thing — to have all of the selected trepidation, light, all of them inspired enough. We do not intend to cultivate spirituality in the frame — it's already there in these people.

— You filmed clips … There's a lot of special effects of any … It will all be used in the movie?

— Yes. Computer graphics — is necessary.

— Ah! That is, you have a movie people will transform into any creature with horns?

— No, no, it will be much more delicate. I was looking for, how to come to computer graphics through organics. Already have samples of organic matter, the real shooting of any substances, their reactions.

— It's like, chemical reactions?

— Yes. We specially filmed certain substances in certain circumstances. And the footage will be used in the chart. In general, all the best in special effects based on reality — not just in computers sat-painted, twisted, and have created, synthesized on the basis of surveys of the real stuff. This rule is for me, so I searched and found how to do it. Talked with chemists and physicists. The experiments were conducted prior to the start of filming. This is very interesting — the fact that we found.

— And what an alien would be different from other people?

— The bottom line is just something that he is no different from the people. Just hit him in the cosmic energy, and he, for example, melts, but does not know what to do with it. This is neither good nor bad. But in general it is necessary to watch a movie. What I am now going to tell you will sound more clear picture out of context. It is very delicate and complicated, a little Unsaid. In the movie, we can not always build on the concepts of logic, have to be an oddity and something a little bit strange.

Oksana Savchenko, "Bulletin of Kiev"


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