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Today aesthetics became a defining event in our culture. Graceful silhouettes clothes, elegant accessories, subtle aromas expensive perfume — the enduring fashion phenomenon of all time. All these components are involved in the modeling of the image, in which the surrounding judge you. But the determining factor is still an appearance. Services of cosmetologist, stylist, make-up artist are becoming more popular, as is rightly considered that the true beauty can only create specialists. The paradox is that, understanding the importance charming toothy smile for the formation of a decent image, many believe that caring for your teeth you can own, without resorting to the professionals. And wrong.

It would seem, what to visit your dentist if oral health does not inspire concern? However, doctors warn that even the best dental treatment there are no "once and for all." To maintain the effect, require continuous preventive measures, and conducted in a professional manner. This can help Dental Hygienist.

What is occupational health?

Professional hygienic teeth cleaning by mechanical means — Today is a common procedure. It includes: the removal of dental plaque by ultrasound treatment of the tooth with dental sandblasters and polished using special polishing pastes. As a result of the natural teeth become white. This service is presented today in almost all the leading dental clinics in the city. But not all medical companies are positioning it as part of a comprehensive preventive treatment.

In the occupational health clinics MEDI — is a set of activities. First, dental hygienist the general condition of the patient's mouth and according to designate certain procedures. After the hygienic cleaning of teeth can be done remineraling therapy ftorprofilaktika: application fluoride varnish or fluoride gel to strengthen tooth enamel.

Children may be performed fissure sealing — a procedure aimed at "sealing" the natural irregularities on the surface of the tooth, where the enamel is still not solid. This eliminates the risk of tooth decay. Experts note a great effect on this procedure, especially if it is done on time.

One of the most important things — education work, which may include education and oral hygiene, and the selection of means to care for your teeth and gums, and dietary recommendations. Dental Hygienist, being aware of all the new products appearing on the market hygiene products, may recommend toothpaste, brush or rinse, as useful for each individual patient.

When it is necessary to conduct occupational health?

Dentists recommend that you visit the dental hygienist prior to treatment. Why? First, preventive procedures positive impact on the gums, and in setting the seal is a very important point. Secondly, the absence of dental plaque will detect dental caries at an early stage. Third, after the hygienic cleaning of the teeth doctor will be able to more accurately pick a shade for the new seal and give a longer warranty on the work done.

It's no secret that many patients after completion of treatment with a sigh of relief, thinking the next visit to the dentist thing of the distant future. However, experts refute this common misconception and traveling to the dental hygienist at least 1 time in half a year: in this case, the beauty of the dentition to continue much longer.

Should regularly visit the hygienist and during orthodontic treatment is usually long enough. To minimize the risk of complications, the patient must maintain a perfect purity teeth. Therefore, in the course of orthodontic treatment is recommended to visit a dental hygienist more often — 1 every 3 months.

It is important to monitor the condition of the oral cavity and during pregnancy. In MEDI for pregnant women, a special program of prevention, including both traditional procedures of dental hygiene, and special events aimed at establishing an optimal balance in the body of vitamins and fluoride preparations.

Occupational health — an effective tool for the prevention of tooth decay, affecting up to 95% of children. This figure will be much lower if parents regularly show children a dental hygienist. Not only did he carry out the necessary procedures, but also inspire a child from an early age the importance of preventive treatment.

A timely prophylactic measures will enable health and save, and save time spent on treatment, and save a lot of money.

C 15 August to 15 September in all clinics and MEDI NEODENT a special offer: hygienic cleaning teeth — 150 rubles per tooth.

Make an appointment at the clinic MEDI please call +7 (812) 777-00-00, through the online entry form, as well as through an online chat with the operators.


 Source: The system of clinics MEDI

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