Alpine lake in the Altai Mountains Maashey washed away by rain

Experts of the Geological Survey of Gorny Altai explain the reasons for the disappearance of the lake Maashey that literally washed away by rain and mud flows in the Kosh-Agach region of the Republic, according to the website of the government of the region.

According to the authorities, which refer to the region's tourism forum, lake, located in the North-Chu ridge at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level, just disappeared. It was considered one of the most beautiful in the Altai and was very popular with tourists. As a result of heavy rains, which came more than a week in the mountains, and mudflows lake literally "leaked" from his bed.

"Rainfall led to a sharp rise in the water, including rivers in the Ak-Tru, Sensing. Flood waters oroysky demolished bridge Chueh, near Glacier Act-Tru descended powerful mudflow. July 17 was the erosion of moraine of the shaft, which is" propped " Maashey lake, and the water flowed out of it. tourists who visit the lake area after that, they say, is now on the bottom bed of the river flows ", — stated in the government.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations confirmed to authorities that the area went off a large number of landslides.

"A survey of the situation in the near future will hold of" Geological Enterprise "Altai-Geo", one of the most important activities is the organization and management of the state monitoring of subsoil and water bodies in the Republic of Altai. The results will be made public, "- says the press service of the government.

Lake Maashey emerged about a hundred years ago, when a powerful landslide blocked the river channel Mazhoy. It is located in the North-Chu ridge at a height of 1.98 thousand meters. Near the lake there are glaciers Maashey, Kurkurek and Kurumbu.

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