American anti-jamming GPS is not a problem for the Russian «jamming»

American anti-jamming GPS is not a problem for the Russian
South American military told that carried out successful tests noiseproof latest satellite navigation system. By introducing new designers managed to achieve antennas receiving signals from a satellite GPS system, even in the creation of criteria jamming directed emission. This namely wrote resource According to this source of disk imaging, successful experiment was carried out at an air base of the U.S. Navy in Maryland using the UAV. This drone was equipped special antennas and was in the lab, the walls of which were covered with special radar absorbing materials.

Complex U.S. Navy in Maryland, located on cancer Pataksen used for various radio research, the training of air traffic controllers. Then placed one of the largest runways on the East Coast states, with a length of more than 4 km.

In the process of testing an experimental drone were set a new standard antenna, then UAV installed in a specially prepared laboratory. To simulate interference used special transmitters and laboratory walls were covered in earlier special radar absorbing materials. This laboratory has allowed researchers to simulate a sufficiently large number of situations without risking the loss of the UAV and the smallest contribution from the third-party prichin.Provedennye experiments confirmed the fact that by using special antennas aimed generators interference effects can be neutralized. It is significant that the power and range of interference, which can withstand the antenna, are not reported.

Earlier, several British media reported that a group of students from the United States, together with his teacher managed to forge a GPS-signals and knock off course plainclothes yacht, located in the Mediterranean Sea. After that, one of the senators from Texas expressed severe concern about the possibility of this kind of impact on warships, drones or any civilian ton, the implementation of which is associated with inflated risk. Then simply ignored military policy, but work on the development of satellite navigation noise-were started earlier.

This is not unusual, because the satellite navigation system is now very crucial. As is often the case with virtually all sverhtehnologichny projects pioneer the creation and construction of GPS (Global Positioning System — Global Positioning System) is the military. The new project of a satellite network to determine the coordinates of targets and objects in real-time in at least some point of the Earth received the title Navstar (Navigation system with timing and ranging — navigation system determine the time and distance), whereas now familiar to every schoolboy abbreviation GPS appeared only later, when the system has been applied not only in defense but also in civilian purposes.

GPS is now more actively used specifically for civilian needs, the project received a good commercialization, and GPS-receivers are now embedded in virtually all modern appliances, perhaps not in irons. The main point of the development of GPS was the decision of U.S. President on May 1, 2000, when it was canceled so called selective access — an error that was entered into artificial satellite signals to inaccurate positioning of work and ordinary civilian receivers. Since then a day or at least some amateur GPS-receiver to find your location to within a few meters (previously, this error was 10s meters).

American anti-jamming GPS is not a problem for the Russian

Satellite constellation of GPS system revolves around our planet by radial orbits with similar height and period for all appeals launched satellites. The radial orbit at a height of about 20,200 km. is an orbit with a period of day multiplicity of appeals at 11 o’clock 58 minutes. Because of this, each satellite completes two full turns around the planet for one sidereal day — 23 hours, 56 minutes. Located in the space of 24 satellites provide full functionality of the system in at least some location on earth, with all this, they may not always provide a decent settlement positions and strong reception. For this reason, to improve the accuracy and speed of positioning as a reserve in case of emergency situations and the appearance of failure, the total number of satellites maintained in larger amounts, for example, in March 2010, was in orbit 31 satellites of the system.

But, according to the views of Russian professionals, measures that address the South American military to protect signal receivers GPS, are missing and are not means for modern Russian electronic countermeasures (ECM) any difficulties. Namely, since the director of «Aviakonversiya» Oleg Antonov. According to him about similar developments Russian spetsy knew already quite long, about 7 years ago and then in our country developed devices that are able to suppress the highest degree of probability and the latest interference-free system.

Oleg Antonov told reporters that it is most likely known about the development of the company «Lockheed», which represents the totality of the primary and being around her shestisektsionnyh additional antennas. According to calculations of spices, this device is able to reduce the interference power from a particular direction at about 10-20 times. «At the same time, the power of the signal interference of modern Russian REB a million times higher level of relevant GPS-signals, because the conclusion of similar effectiveness in the use of error-correcting devices obvious», — said Russian special funds in the creation of the REB.

Quite an important role in reducing the noise level also plays a clear knowledge of the direction to the source of interference. But when working immediately several sources of interference task very difficult. In a personal conversation representative of American company «Lockheed» Antonov said about the works to create a special finder interference, which has permitted to reduce the noise level by only 10-15 decibels, though interference produced EW superior level of GPS-signals by 60 decibels. On the question of what to do when working immediately several noise sources, «they threw up their hands.» As director of the company, «miracles do not happen, it is advertising.»

Substantial reduction in the effectiveness of interference can be achieved only by means of a sharp rise in the power of signals that exude satellites. But today embody this way in practice impossible, said Russian special. Now the Americans on the basis of obsolete REP began using new GPS-signals. «But in Russia produced such jammers that are able to suppress any such signals,» — said Oleg Antonov.

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