Anastasia Lukashenko went to school, and Mikolka — not

On the first day of the new school year, Alexander Lukashenko with his youngest son Nikolai took part in the opening of a new school in the village of Borovliany Minsk region. The Head of State said, among other things, that Mikolka will study in a regular school and not necessarily in the newly built. Where is trained Nikolai Lukashenko as well as other children of high officials?

Sixth birthday Nikolai Lukashenko said on the eve of the new academic year — 31 August. However, this year the school the boy is still here, said, "Freedom," the spokesperson Alexander Lukashenko Paul Light:

"Nikolai Lukashenko will go to school next year."

To find out where she plans to study Nikolai Lukashenko, Paul Light suggested to wait for next year. Rumors that it will be newly built School in Borovlyany, partially dispelled father Nicky at the opening of the school. Opinion that the boy in the village to learn will not be held in one of the Borovljansky schools:

"I think that this would be known exactly. But, in my opinion, the boy must learn the president privately. It is possible that he did learn, and everything else — it's gossip human. "

Rumored to be among the possible locations of training Kohli Lukashenko — the average school in the town of Ostroshitsky near Minsk. However, a local resident and employee of the children's sanatorium Ekaterina Nazarenko believes that this is unlikely:

And speaking of Victoria, as I supervise grades 5-11, that many children with a "ringing" in the pocket is worth it to learn and sensitivity, and attention, and ability to work.

"In town Ostroshitsky school unassembled: here until this pool repair, assembly hall, and the teachers here … No, this disciple would not be one hundred percent. "

Among the most prestigious high schools in Minsk — High School number 29, located on the main street of the capital — Melnikaite. The head of studies Olga Dubaleka says that high school is not even able to accept all comers here to do, and a significant number of students — the children of senior officials:

"I will not speak to any number, no names, but suffice. This year we have opened an additional fifth grade, which was not planned, and seven of the first classes, which are also not planned. We did not have enough space. "

Yet the most popular with parents from among high-ranking officials now takes High School number 16Lesya Ukrainka Street, where the two daughters are studying Viktor Lukashenko — Anastasia and Victoria.

The director of studies Natalia Semenova"So, two girls — one in the first class came to us, and Vick is engaged in the sixth grade. We have enough trained children who have parents with a high social status, people from the government, embassies and so on — this is a very interesting kids. And speaking of Victoria, as I supervise Grades 5-11, that many children with a "ringing" in the pocket is worth it to learn and sensitivity, and attention, and ability to work. And in general, it is the employee, who today rarely take a broom and clean up will be in the class, the more of our troops. "


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