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Small village with an exotic name Rosskam Selets — small homeland of the current head of Vitebsk Oblast vertical Alexander Kosinets. I went to Orsha District to, among other things, see: impact on the lives of the villagers that their brother was the first person in the area?

… A 6-am at the entrance to the village talking with 69-year-old Zoya Nikolaevna, or just Nikolaevnoj her name all. A woman sang, so to speak, morning ode Vitebsk governor.


N."On paper" Vitebsk worker "I Kosinets like — wrote an article about the good producers. The fact that if the workers to keep their cattle farms, they must help in hay. And for older people. And raipo this article I put — I say, take me as it should. I have a lot of potatoes, I want it to pass. I myself worked in the trade, I get a call from the consumer society and say that was taking it to storage of vegetables. How to drive? Pay for the car. But I do not want to give away their presence without potatoes. Otherwise, the bad, and I lay a weight drop to minus 5%. Too much! I have it in the ground was not, and now has touched. Well, they say, for you 3% — of the amount of emissions from each 100 kg. The merit Kosinets! '

Older women, who were sitting nearby, heard the conversation, talking about bread together — pensions lag behind price increases. But here, all cut off N. talkative.

N."I also want to say. Why pensioners, that the Government House, the governing bodies are calculated with retired 4, and we — 1? On the basis of cronyism or vote for themselves? I worked all the time, went back to work when the child was one year, and at first gave me 96,000! And I worked on Flax harmful to the shop floor. They counted me wrong, now I'm okay, the house cow, pig. But the range of the coefficient is 300 million or 2 million — I saw a documentary. Well, why — such hard work, responsible? You and from all had when at the post! And she is working as a milkmaid in rubber boots. "

Now that I have given a cow for free, I would not take it, and I'm a hard worker.

Reporter"Why is not the cows give birth to people in the village? '.

N."First of all, old age. Second, there is no help from the collective farms — Chairman change very often. Many fields — must be kept on a leash. Now that I have given a cow for free, I would not take it, and I'm a hard worker. I now started a Vietnamese pig — are herbivores, I go on the court. I say — as well go home! All 10 units are running. Has got to sow the whole year would eat meat diet, which now stands as the beef — 40,000. "

From the highway to the village a couple of miles go with the former milkmaid, Mrs. Lilia Demeshkevich, which serves as a guide.

Demeshkevich"Nowacki here builds cottage — he is deputy Kosinets — for two years. Will live, apparently retired. The land here is good bear, the air is fresh. But Kosinets house — here he was born. And in front of him aunt — Nikolaevna, in, leading correspondent. " (Laughs.)

On the contrary svezhaashalyavanay yes whitewashed desert home parents Kosinets — dumpy cabin of his aunt. Slightly bent grandmother Pososhkov walking towards us.


Reporter"Hello! My name is Vitaly, and you? . "

Mrs."Vera Lappa, my eighties, I worked as an accountant in the colony 42. Came here because my husband is disabled 1 of … . "

Reporter"How did you get into the colony?".

Lappo"Where got to work. My husband worked as a design engineer, did ratsprapanovu — a spoon made of stainless steel. Zatochvats went to the workshop. And the prisoner came in and hit a hex hammer neither here nor there in the temple … A mother is a little house — it was living out his years. Come son and daughter keep a cow on a leash. Without a job and you will not catch fish … . "

Reporter"And Kosinets helped — the one that top brass? '.

Lappo"Alexander? He's my nephew. And what will help? Only the medical unit. The husband has to yazve in Vitebsk had surgery. And so the kids helped, the second time a person employed potatoes overtake. But the villagers have a problem — there is no store. Autobench arrive if earlier, when the later. In winter, 2 hours idle … . "

Reporter"And in his house who lives? '.

Lappo: "No, mother lived, and now in the city — just like his father's memory. Fixed it, and all … "

Reporter"Honey, said podremontirovali thanks to him? '.

Lappo"And who knows? The water is conducted, and the gas — no. Retire give … . "

Reporter"All are going to ask the store nephew."

Lappo"So I saw him, certainly would have said — Sasha, you need to shop …".

Reporter"Do you think that would do? '.

Lappo"Who knows …".

A few houses on the verge of seeing 78-year-old mistress Yadyu Rabitskuyu. It details the problems of the village.


Rabitskaya"In 2008, the water held in columns — no running water. There were no wells — one was there at the ravine. Walked a mile to the source — before each cow was a little water. What to do? In winter, freezing … . "

Reporter"And if you put the sand road? '.

Rabitskaya"Oh, it's been a long time!".

Reporter"And the fact that Kosinets here — it helps? '.

Rabitskaya"And we do not know — there were people from the executive committee. We FAP, and rumor has it that can be closed. And he's a forty years, 500 people live. We must complain to not cut. So what do we — to be handled Kosinets or an aunt — he say? Here's burial, came, did. Christmas trees, monuments fell. But here was a work day — was removed, and well … . "

Later, however, the village said that during the "nomenklatura" cleaning day at the root of raspberry bushes and cut down the surrounding healthy Christmas tree, under which sat — commemorated the dead …


Said Mrs. Rabitskay asked and "political" issue.

Reporter"Tell me, who are you member of the village council? '.

Rabitskaya"I do not know! You know, go — tutachka Staminski, he was past 80, he knows more … . "

84-year-old Nicholas Hvedaravich Staminski looks suspicious, sullen. In 44 zenitchykam managed to war, after 35 years of a driver on the farm. Has experienced many disasters.

Staminski"The kid 14 years — there was the farm of the Stalin … Drennavata lived — for sticks. Farmland was — kept cows, pigs, where to survive. And now, in the countryside 5 cows, and before the war was 60. In the war or were guerrillas or bandits. Give salt, fat. There were a lot of policemen in the village. Cheeky take. I almost word — a bandage, a rifle, and you're against the Soviet regime. Shelf and saved — I was sitting in the underground. He opened it and — "get out" — on me. I say — Ivan, you're my boy, come. I fed it, watered. Bought off — moonshine distilled. We took a cow uterus — robbing all and sundry. But after a penalty. Kulikovskii was our assistant chief of police — immediately took a family with children and was evicted. And he was shot … . "

By building a collective Staminskih family lived more or less well off.

Staminski"My father did not at first went to the farm — built with his own hands and shed, and current, and the house was a horse, a cow. And on the farm and took everything. The judges judged the "troika" — the year was given. Digging ditches. Come — began to feel bad. At one farm is not taken, went to Ponizovje … . "

Today, the source of the information blockade lives — on the "yashchyku" only BT and ONT. Hence, an appropriate "knowledge".

Reporter"And how do you assess the current government — is a village elder, member of the village council? '.

Staminski"No, but is there a deputy? I did not go to the polls — leg ached to come. But what panarabili with the government — was tried, then, candidates … . "

Reporter"How do you think — it's right or not."

That's right, I would have hung up. It also wanted to turn the power — and Lukashenko is trying.

Staminski"That's right, I would have hung up. This is like turn the power — and Lukashenko is trying., You know what votes were for them — one. I voted for Lukashenko, and all …".

Reporter"And what Lukashenko was when Kebich zvyargav? '.

Staminski"Nobody. Then it was a different matter — devastation in Minsk parazryta all … . "

Reporter"And they themselves have long been in Minsk?".

Staminski"Long ago, about 15 years …".

Rosskam Selets, home to fifty people who, for two years is surrounded by agricultural town of the same name, in which five hundred inhabitants. Attach the settlement had allegedly school that a kilometer from the village. But the children of the village, where the presidential houses, carry on the bus. The village is in fact only three young families. On the way I met a 33-year-old school cleaner Natalia Batura. At first, the issue of the influential countryman.

Reporter"One feels in your life that Kosinets come here? '.

Batura"He is not coming here …".

Reporter"And how do you put a salary? '.

Batura"Five hundred and thirtieth Cows, chickens eat, rabbits and goats. Milk is the state renting for 900 rubles — for 10 days of the two have about 300,000. The store took credit for furniture, washing machine — try to pay. It is terrible that the state that we are guilty for the loans because of the crisis that is coming. And so in the village will survive — it does not … . "

Reporter"As a young person what you lack in the village? '.

Batura"The kids something amusement — the gym at least. In school, 56 children, and his club is not … . "

The road to the school in the usual sense does not exist. The narrow track with a shaky kladavem clamber up the stream to the old lime trees, after which opens and two-story school building. But I'm going to the cabin near where four decades home to a former director, former secretary of the Party Committee and deputy chairman of the "fighter" until the end of the last century — Mr. Nikolai Isakov. A historian by profession, he is known for decades to collect and store museum, which was said to have literally destroyed. A tall, handsome man, on the habits of the nomenclature, the purpose of the visit was not asked — they say, "comrade from the center" would tell myself. I start with a purely local history questions.


Reporter"A strange name come from? '.

Isakov"Ever since the days of Ivan the Terrible, when wars were fought there, and Russian ON. The village was on the brink. Because the east closer called "Russian Selets." They lived there until 1918, two old maids — Mrs. Labkovsky. Their father was a tsarist general who built the estate. It housed the school, the center of the collective farm before the war. A lime grove in the 1850s, along with the estate came into existence. I came here after a history department in 1968. The museum was established in the early 60's. The exhibits were about 3000 — 12 glazed windows with documents coins. Squandered when he went to the farm to work — stands broken, burned in the boiler room with my successor, Sergei Petrovich Kovalevsky — he is now the director. Was a teacher in the Tolochin area but shot a man on the prowl. My grandfather was collecting firewood, and he fired through the bushes. And he is the brother Tolochinsky district police chief — it was hushed up. There, he can not stay. I have appointed him assistant principal … . "

Reporter"In Tolochin district killed a man, and in Orsha museum burned …".

Mr. Isakov was for a time a friend of the PBC. But …

Claims"Gradually the left. When I've been in meetings, drew attention to the fact that the case has no prospects — some deep-age pensioners … . "

Critically Nicholas Hvedaravich applies to the agricultural town.


Claims"I think we were in the 60s under Khrushchev to stop the outflow of people from the countryside. We had to give shelter. Come far country people, and "flyers". There comes a time to give credit, they are removed and go to another place. Since I am rustic, saying that the man himself was building his house and lived in it — would be caught and saved. Both the current and the experience were unsuccessful … . "

In the village gathered in a clearing in anticipation of local molokosborschikov. Surrounded me on all sides.

Lord"This is not Agrotown! .. What is an agricultural town — infrastructure, children's garden, school, paved all, the boards — nothing! .. Can not get to school — kladave laid! And we do SEC "Rosskam Selets" … If there is a master, he always host. And if you rely on mom-dad, or at Kosinets Lukashenko — nothing will … . "

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