Anomalies of the summer in the U.S. dried up the Mississippi in Europe rages Lucifer

In the U.S., due to the severe drought shoaled the largest river of the country — Mississippi. Even the deepest of its parts is now possible to ford. In several ports stopped shipping. In just one day, on a bank got 93 cargo barges. And it looks like they're stuck for long.

Heavy ships can not move lift, so shipping companies can only hope for rain. But forecasters such predictions have not yet done. Sorokogradusnuyu heat in some states does not fall nearly a month. Precipitation and was not at all for more than six months. Drought in the country has been called the strongest in nearly a half century.

The situation is similar in Europe. In Austria and the Czech Republic before the recorded maximum temperature for this summer — plus 39 degrees. The Czech authorities say the resorts began the second wave of tourism. Despite the fact that the holiday season is coming to an end, the people on the beaches are increasing. But residents such temperatures already pretty bored. Townspeople fleeing from the heat at the fountains and ponds. Does not become easier at night.

In Italy and France, the heat does not subside for several weeks. And the reason for it — High with the menacing name "Lucifer". He came out of Africa. And he will give way to cool — weather forecasters predict not taken.

And in Moscow, apparently began in the fall. In the capital, plus nine degrees, even colder area — only plus 4. Low temperatures, high winds and rain brought a cyclone from the Arctic. True, forecasters claim that over the center of European Russia, it is not delayed. And by the end of the week will return heat: up to plus 22 degrees, sunny and no rain.


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