Anomalous warming in Lipetsk


So had to look Lipetsk dragon. Photo: courtesy of the City Hall of Lipetsk.

16.12.11.Novogodnieledyanye sculpture on the square in the city of Peter the Great steelworkers become a tradition.

In 2009, Lipetsk sculptor Igor Mazur along with assistants built the ice castle with slides for children, in 2010 — an ice ship with sails.

This year we decided to celebrate the New Year together with its symbol — the dragon. The sculpture is planned to perform in the Russian spirit, its prototype was the hero of our folk tales.

— Our hero, like the fabulous Snake-Dragon, will be three-headed. However, unlike the original it will be good and wise — promised Igor Mazur.

Dragon to good not going to attach three or four ice slides. At the height of the fabulous monster would grow to eight meters, its construction were going to put 80 tons of ice.

However, the authors create an ice sculpture will be no earlier than two weeks. It is so much left to New Year. And the temperature outside is not below freezing. Buds swell on trees, puddles do not freeze at night.

The city administration with Igor Mazur develops plans for the salvation of the holiday.

— Sculptors have promised to do even a dragon made of thin ice or snow. Trust in the weather — next week promised cooling, — said Irina Sokolova, spokesman for the Administration of Lipetsk.

Larissa Pustovalova

Source:  KP.RU — Voronezh-Chernozem

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