Another failure by karst kangaroos

The most recent failure was recorded Kungurian Laboratory Mining Institute. The inlet of the size of, like, anything at all, but if you look inside, it takes your breath away — 10 meters of depth, not less. At the bottom — sand and clay.

Their new-found sinkhole is located between the villages of Zuyata and Obukhov. Tractor driver Alexander says — Local have become accustomed. Permanently ground from under the feet out. Okay, when in the fields, but when under residential houses dips formed — there can hit the alarm.

Kungur — Karst capital of Perm. Scientists from the Institute of Mining thoroughly fix each failure. More than five hundred craters over the past few decades. In the most dangerous place — the historic center Kungur.

"The central part is located in the bend of the two rivers, and groundwater movement is most active, the active water exchange. Hence the dissolution of the rock "- explains the head of the laboratory, hospital Kungurskaya Mining Institute UroRAN Nicholas Panchuk.

The water washes away the rock cavities piling up, then subside under the pressure of the soil. Thus formed sinkholes. To fight nature with the local authorities have no money. Although officials clearly understand the seriousness of the situation. City Hall is located just above the biggest voids in Kungur.

One of the apartment buildings in Kungur is twisted due to the fault of karst collapse. Residents now have moved. And people from neighboring houses remained. To understand how to live, and where karst show itself next time, scientists must conduct constant monitoring. Its cost is about 200-300 thousand rubles a year. But these funds yet. And people live literally in limbo.

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