Anticyclone brought the anomalous heat in the central and southern regions of Italy

Anticyclone "Nero", brought on Monday to the Apennines huge mass of hot air from the Sahara Desert, provoked anomalous heat in the central and southern parts of Italy.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be the hottest day in 2012 in Italy. In this case, record the temperature often exceeds 40 degrees, were recorded this summer in many cities.

Last Sunday, the mercury thermometer stood at 37 degrees in Rome, Naples, Florence, Bologna and Bari. On Monday afternoon in the Italian capital expected 38 degree heat ..

In parts of the southern regions of Sicily, Sardinia, Apulia and Basilicata forecasters predict 43 degrees in Calabria — 41-42 degrees. Record temperatures accompanied by extremely high levels of humidity, which in many cities creates an atmosphere unbearable heat.

Simultaneously, in the north of Italy, in the Alps, the second day did not stop heavy rain and hail, which in some areas have led to strong landslides. As a result, in the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige on Sunday, killing two elderly women.

According to the leading association of agricultural producers in Italy Coldiretti, the current heat, accompanied by severe drought, has led to a serious reduction of yield. So, tomatoes will be harvested at 20% less corn — by 30%, soybeans — by 40%. In the northern parts of the country farmers can collect only half the usual crop of sugar beets.

Heat wave is a considerable danger to the health of citizens. Back in June, the Ministry of Health of Italy began a nationwide information campaign called "A peaceful summer: how to beat the heat." The country has a free referral telephone line in 1500, on which day the experts answer all questions concerned citizens.

In this situation, doctors strongly advised not to go outside during the hottest time of the day and drink plenty of water. Health Ministry also issued a formal recommendation, consisting of 10 items, in which physicians are reminded how to behave in extreme heat.

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