Antisnayper: job «classified»

Antisnayper: job  

In the face of their colleagues know only. If they are from time to time and get into the camera lenses or cameras vsesuschih journalists, their faces still remain unrecognizable behind dark masks. They — the elite soldiers antisnayperskoy this team, the main task of which, according to the orders and guidance documents, «the attempt to prevent the protected area.» Their work — lurking behind seven locks. And they do not like to read about it. And if something and say, it is only in the most general terms. No details. Without names and places act.

— Our work starts long before we climb on rooftops to guard the country’s top managers involved in public events. In very general terms it looks followed properly. When it becomes known place of the next meeting the president or prime minister to the people, operational security officials examine this area. With all this reveals a more comfortable position for us. Usually this is the most highest buildings. We operate on the principle of the war in the mountains — those above, that hard. Also examined are the places that may be suitable for intruders. With residents’ snayperoudobnyh «flats held operational work to identify those who could potentially participate in the assassination or consumed, what is called, in the dark. Analysts working in parallel, assessing the likely scenarios and evaluating those who would attempt to organize.
Of purchased materials, a picture emerges with vulnerabilities, potentially unsafe areas and sectors likely shooting. Done scheme with special marks, where are the alleged «zone of special attention» for our team. In addition, we transmit photos of those persons whose appearance at the event promises a huge problem. Naturally, among the crowd to kill them — unnecessary last option, but at least some of us litsezrev «enemy» in sight or binoculars can bring radioed him operatives. Examining the scheme we are, what is called, light go out to reconnoiter the area, determine their future positions and trying to see who snayperoopasnym places. All this is done secretly, without verbovaniya people’s attention.
In the day «X» additional briefing is held, and the team travels to the place for a long time before the event. Given the excessive enthusiasm of our people to all unusual that happens in the yard, on the street or on the area, it is necessary to resort to various tricks. For example, a tool we very rarely tolerated in the clear. Usually use special bags. Themselves invisible don overalls. On the upper floors of the residents carry out preventive measures in advance, so that in the midst of the operation, they ripped us work on our souls calling law enforcement officials.

Antisnayperskaya team is always broken into pairs. This allows for long hours of observation one little rest, while the other monitors in emergency mode. Relax — this, of course, loudly said. Relax — it’s only then that you can quickly take the eye away from the fixed sector for you. At this time you can make a special exercise — a few times firmly blink for 3-5 seconds, and then hold your eyes open all the same 3-5 seconds. Strengthens muscles and improves circulation century eyes.

The main task Antisnayper — surveillance, monitoring and observation again. With all this to everything that is in your sector should be treated with suspicion. In the benchmark should try to imagine yourself in the place of the enemy — and what I would do, being «on the side»? Then you start to take sharper and black cherdachok the return home, and not for the weather window open on the top floor of the adjacent high-rise, and the car across the bottom, where the driver wants to drive hard through the cordon particularly at a time when the protected object to take the place of the event. You report to the commander of all this, and after a few Minutka know that cherdachok already examined, you see that the window hastily closed and assertive car owner together with the machine taken away for trial.

And then there is the «object» that we are defending. From the second he leaves the armored car, our attention is multiplied three times, if not increased tenfold. Now you divide a sector of land on equal field of view optical sight and obsleduesh them slowly and painstakingly.

Remember, was once such case. I was lying there watching. And suddenly I saw that the window in the house across the street slowly revealed and something flashed in it. Binoculars? Similarly, it is! Grab the radio to report a change in circumstances and at the last minute notice that keeps binoculars boy 10 years. Well, boy, you found the «first zero» viewed! What are you curious! .. And at this time runs behind him, for sure, father, selects optics and slams the window. Yes, I think, quite a while binoculars did not come across in such a situation, besides really comfortable location for shooting …

Else it was. In the Mass drew attention to the man with white bundle. On the one hand, once passed through the cordon, means everything to him in order. On the other hand, I do something very deliberately, he moves to the main podium. Announce on the radio and catch him on sight. I estimate that while it is quite far from the first person of the country, and even if you try, you will not dokinet before him his burden. Well, I will not let him do it, would be a team! And suddenly I see how he is, like icebreakers through the human sea immediately broke several invisible servants, picked up a pen gaps, increase to one of the machines. All this happened so fast that people, listening to «object», even saw nothing. Later it turned out that it was managing the 1st of public movements. A snow-white bundle in his hands — posters of «zero first,» which he wished porazdavat its activists who were standing in the crowd …

Antisnayper work ends when the «object» sits in the car and drives off. Everything! Further, we do not responsible for it. Our team has performed its functions. The main thing now — go unnoticed …

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