Anton Astapovich as a mirror of the Belarusian revolution

Company lustful curiosity watching the correspondence, which leads to different levels of government vertykalnastsi chairman of the Belarusian Voluntary Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture Anton Astapovich. I am sure that not only the faithful and fruitful work, the Astapovich in the field of preservation of cultural heritage, but also its vyshktaltsonyya epistles will after a while the same heritage and evaluation period.

Style of appeals in which the author, for example, asks "to provide a response to a letter by stunastsi on the 5th of July, and to bring to justice officials who are guilty of violating the legal documents governing the rules of document, and whose fault is discredited government policies of President in the fight against bureaucracy, "makes me genuinely artistic zadavalnne.

Referring to the state on her Astapovich violating unspoken rules prystoynastsi. It is like to run out naked on the football field during a game: part of the audience will think you are crazy, and the second part will think that they themselves crazy, because it is impossible, with such a seriously the ball game? So Astapovich makes explicit signed from every possible angle, but the implicit contract between state and citizen: the laws are not made to carry them out, and everybody would agree as to the fact in Belarus there is no sea. This voluntary, mind you, the consensus was to "us" from the Soviet era, and "them" — not only as from the time of Russian imperialism, and the President of a company acts in the same dead-end reality by that dissidents of the Soviet era, which also required of the Central Committee of the Soviet constitution.

The desperate loneliness, the Astapovich to appeal to the law reveals the eternal in our latitudes, the paradigm of power, designed as a "them" and "us." "They" raise prices, give or do not give pensions, remove privileges, and selects a "single", etc. This odd design murdered in the heads of all the country's inhabitants, without exception — from the tractor to the president. Portly aunt, who at polling stations counting the votes as "wrong", while knowing and accepting the fact that, since no one ever really need to do will not be as convincing tell their fat and bald husband, "They" re-raised the fee for the apartment. "President at every opportunity promises to "encourage" them "to order", and "their" calls "to benefit the country and the people, and not" hide under a broom. "

In a certain sense, a diagnosis that some so strongly attributed to the first person of the country, simply reflects the state of public health of all its inhabitants, who are "default" consider effective only "nepisanae" legislation. Anton Astapovich as an evil troll who wears his mirror in front of our noses curves, and multiple personality disorder have long been frustrated us away …

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