Apartment buildings have gone from the basement Olympic landslide

Residential buildings on the street of Baku Adler district of Sochi gone basement a few meters from the landslide, which was formed as a result of the reset the slope of Olympic construction waste. It is reported, "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus."

Workers put a landfill on the site of a certain citizen Baranov. This site is located directly above the street of Baku. The remains were brought here reinforced concrete, brick and asphalt rubble of destroyed houses.

April 3, 2011 in connection with an excessive amount of waste at the site of a citizen Baranov began active shifting of the soil, and building on the side of a dump into a landslide.

As a result, last for five months landslides below the constructed houses moved down the slope of 7-10 meters, they are skewed and distorted. Residential buildings are also moved from the foundations and deformed so that live in them dangerous. Shift in the yards of soil destroyed the concrete cover.

In the higher slopes are clearly visible signs of a landslide: the Earth is formed deep cracks and gaps, some trees as a result of the shift of soil begin to die. The landfill has violated the natural movement of groundwater. In some places there are puddles of water, which is evidence of saturation of the soil moisture, which further contributes to the shift of soil downhill.

As representatives of "Environmental Watch on North Caucasus," there is every reason to fear that by the autumn rains and landslides can be triggered by rural houses come down, which can cause death.

Several active citizens together with residents of Baku streets was notified of the emergency management of the city of Sochi, Adler district of the resort, as well as officials of the "Olympic" Department of the Krasnodar Territory. To date, a way out of the situation found. Also left unanswered statements to the police department for the Adler district of landslide and debris flow hazards.

Living in life-family homes proposed temporarily relocate to a hotel that is used for emergency and Olympic immigrants, but no promises to provide people with resettlement housing equivalent of the houses that have become alert to the result of the preparation for the 2014 Olympics. Therefore, residents of the street of Baku refused to move to the hotel, which can be for them is not shelter.

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