April Showers and snow on the East Coast of the U.S.

After a record warm winter and a warm spring, as a result of a snow storm a few tens of thousands of people were without electricity. April 22 and 23 on the East Coast of the U.S. are raging rain and snow. Snowfall in some areas was about 35 centimeters. Authorities fear the extensive power failure and congestion while traveling to work.

According to the National Weather Service of Pennsylvania, the weather is not typical for the month of April, but occasionally seen on the East Coast. The eastern part of the state is in the rain, and the north-west were covered with snow. In the central and western parts of Pennsylvania, and in New York State, the level of snowfall in some places reached 28 centimeters. Met Office says the possible loss of 9 to 20 inches of snow in Ohio.

From the shores of New Jersey up to New York and southern New England region has dropped about 10 inches of rain, with the morning April 23, 2012, it was noted the most abundant rains. The speed of wind gusts reached 50 miles per hour, and on Cape Cod — 90.

As a result of snow most affected states of New York and Pennsylvania to the western regions of Virginia and Maryland. The biggest fear of the authorities is the trees that result from a severe storm crumble on power lines, causing blackouts. Only in New York remained without electricity for more than 25 thousand people, and this number continues to grow.

Because of Sunday's rain and snow major league baseball game in Boston, and the celebration of Earth Day in the Park in Virginia Beach, Virginia, have been canceled, and the arrival of space shuttle "Enterprise" in New York was postponed to another day.

  1. Woman fishing on the west coast of the river Osabl in Wilmington, New York, after the April 22, 2012 snow fell. Cyclone bring more snow and rain with strong gusts of wind in the north-eastern United States in the coming days.

  2. People in the rain in New York. While the storm is not typical for April, snow and heavy rain occasionally, but fall in the region. According to forecasts of the National Weather Service in New York City, rainfall ranges from 6.5 to 9 inches, and the maximum wind gust speed — from 40 to 50 kilometers per hour.

  3. Fans stand in the rain at the gates of the stadium Citi Field, after it was canceled game between the New York team, "Mets" and the San Francisco "Giants."

  4. Starting pitcher of the New York team trains in the empty field of the stadium after the abolition of the match with "Gagantami."

  5. People under umbrellas in Times Square waiting in line to buy tickets to a Broadway theater.

  6. People walking along Times Square April 22, 2012.

  7. Laura Hughes covers perennial flowers in the center of Leisure Lawn, which will go on sale.

  8. Canada geese and goslings in the spring snow in Pembroke, New York.

  9. 3-year-old Evan Draybelbis playing snowballs with his sister and mother in the garden in front of his home in Pine Grove Mills, Pennsylvania, April 23, 2012. At higher elevations dropped to 10 centimeters of snow, for example, in eastern Lake Ontario.

  10. Don Buckley walks his dog during a snowfall in Akron, New York. Meteorologists fear that in the coming days, the Western New York area will fill up with snow up to 35 inches.

  11. The driver tries to drive through flooded areas in Brunswick Street, Maine, April 23, 2012. This is the first April rains in the state.

  12. Snow swaddle trees and roads in Jackson Township, Pennsylvania.

  13. Reni Shechinger clears snow from the car on Oxford Street in Rochester, New York. Snow will continue to go on for several days. Interestingly, a month ago the temperature in this region, the state was 26 degrees Celsius.

  14. The birds sat side by side on a branch during a snowfall in Pebroke, New York.

  15. Flowering dogwood covered with snow in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

  16. Michael Stilson rake snow from the road adjacent to the house in Uindbere, Pennsylvania.

  17. Snow blanketed trees in Jackson Township, Pennsylvania.


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